Liberty trustees approve speed cameras on I-80, SR 11

LIBERTY — Trustees Arnie Clebone and Greg Cizmar approved four resolutions at a morning meeting today, including one that will allow police officers to use speed cameras on state Route 11 and Interstate 80.

The morning meetings, according to the last Ohio public meetings notice, were intended for discussion rather than decision-making, but Clebone contends trustees are allowed to approve resolutions on time-sensitive items.

The speed-camera revenue will be split 50/50 between the police department and the general fund, Clebone said.

The speed-camera program will be a six-month “trial run,” so trustees will evaluate its efficacy and decide if they want to continue it in six months.

Trustee Jodi Stoyak did not vote, as she said she is unable to attend the weekly morning meetings. Clebone said they made her aware of the resolutions before the meeting.

In 2017, Mark Finamore, Liberty’s former legal counsel, cited an Ohio law that restricts small townships from enforcing traffic violations on national and interstate highways when he told trustees they weren’t allowed to use cameras on I-80.

Clebone said Liberty’s new legal counsel, Cherry Poteet, however, advised them they are allowed to use the cameras on highways.

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