Canfield stifles students on school walkout day

My husband and I moved to Canfield five years ago and for the first time in five years, I am embarrassed to say I live in Canfield.

I do not have young children or children in the Canfield schools, but what a poor showing from the Canfield schools according to the recent Vindicator article in reference to the nationwide school walkout.

What great unification was shown in the Campbell, Hubbard and Lordstown schools. Even the Campbell community rallied around the students in support.

According to the Vindicator article about Canfield, Mr. Alex G. Geordan, superintendent of Canfield schools, sent a letter home to all parents stating that students could face disciplinary action if they walked out of school and so either they did not attend school that day or were prevented from walking out.

This national movement of students was formed because the adults are not preventing these school shootings. They are still happening so the students are speaking out and causing change. What a shame Mr. Geordan thinks so little of his students that he would rather lock them in school, which did not prevent the recent killings in Florida, rather than give them a voice to encourage change.

Mary Lou Dale, Canfield

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