Dobbins mothers and sons get in Olympic spirit

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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Dobbins Elementary had a night for the mothers and sons of the school on Feb. 21. The PTO organized the event and created five stations for parents and sons to move from, such as the crafting station pictured.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The PTO gave the Mother Son Night an Olympic theme. To match the theme, they set up a number of games in the gymnasium. Pictured, Kolt Arnold competed in tabletop curling.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Michael McKenzie hosted a trivia game in the technology room of Dobbins Elementary during the Mother Son Night. Mothers and their sons competed to correctly answer the most Olympic trivia questions.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Amanda McKenzie and Molly Morrone, members of Dobbins Elementary's PTO and lead organizers for the Mother Son Night, both said that they wanted to give the mothers and sons a fun night together.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The PTO organized an area for mothers and sons to take pictures together with decorations in front of a mural. Pictured, Aiden and his mom Lindsay posed for their pictured.


Dobbins Elementary had an Olympic themed Mother Son night on Feb. 21 as a part of their annual mother-sibling night.

The school’s PTO organized five stations for the groups of parents and children. Each mother and child belonged to a specific group of parents and children that they moved with to the different stations.

“It gives them time away from everyday life to enjoy each other,“ said Amanda McKenzie, one of the PTO members who organized the event, “it’s a night of fun.“

The attendees participated in a group of games in the gymnasium. They played at a station where they flipped halfway filled water bottles in the air and tried to get them to land without falling over. The water in the bottles was colored to match the colors of the rings on the Olympic flag.

They also had two games based around other Olympic games. They had tables where children competed against their parents in a tabletop version of curling. The children grabbed a rubber band and a clothespin to try their hand at the PTO’s ski jump game. The children took the clothespin, designed to look like a ski jumper, and used the rubber band to shoot it a small distance into a landing area.

They had another station dedicated to Olympic trivia. In the technology room, Michael McKenzie hosted a trivia game using the Kahoot website. Mother and son competed as a team against the other mother and son pairings in the room. They had 20 questions about some of the sports in the Olympics and where the games have occurred.

The PTO set up a craft station in two of the fourth grade classrooms. The parents and children created an Olympic torch using paper rolls for the handle and tissue paper for the fire.

“We try to hit all areas: physical, art, trivia,“ said Molly Morrone, the other PTO member in charge of the event, “It’s a PTO event, so we wanted to do something fun, educational and have parent involvement.“

The PTO had a photo area in the school’s activities room. The children and parents posed with different decorations, such as big sunglasses and hats, in front of a mural of a crowd. They children also did a cryptogram that said “Faster, Higher, Stronger,“ the Olympic motto, once completed.

The fifth station was on the stage in the school’s gymnasium. This station included a snack and worksheet for the parents and students to complete.

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