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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Each of the grades at Austintown Intermediate School took on math-related names, such as the fourth grade on the second floor becoming Angle City for Math Day. The school, as a whole, named themselves Mathopolis. Pictured, third-grade students Ryan Akers and Alan Lin completed a math activity in the Arrayville, or third grade, hallway.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Math coach Marijo Matune organized the Math Day with the help of the schools' teachers. During the three lunch times, Matune got the students excited to throw pies their principal Michael Sauner. Pictured, from left, Principal Sauner teased the students before they threw pies at him, Matune addessed the students in the lunchroom and teacher Sherry Sturtz drew names from a raffle to see which students would throw pies at Sauner.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The AIS students completed a challenging extension math problem correctly to have their names put in a raffle to have a chance to pie their principal Michael Sauner. Pictured, Ross Harris, Samantha Severn and Sophia Hunter celebrated their successful pie thrown at Sauner's face.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Teachers throughout the school taught different math lessons in the hallways to have fun, engaging math instruction on Math Day. Pictured, Michelle Battaglia taught students Ethan, Nicky and Tyler about perimeter and area using shapes on the wall.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Austintown Intermediate School celebrated Math Day on March 14. They had a number of math-related activities in each grade level for the day. Pictured are, from left, Luke Hammond, Ava Denari, Hunter Smart and Ross Harris.


Austintown Intermediate School celebrated Math Day on March 14 with a series of special events and lessons.

The festivities began earlier in the week, leading to a day filled with math instruction and fun on the 14th. The teachers taught a number of lessons in the hallways throughout the school and a few lucky students in each grade level got a chance to throw a pie at principal Michael Sauner.

Math coach Marijo Matune helped organize the events on Math Day with teachers from each of the grade levels in the school. She also got the children excited to pie Sauner during lunch.

Matune had the students in each grade complete a challenging, level-appropriate extension math problem. Those who answered the question correctly got their names put in a raffle. Matune had teachers from the lunch draw three students’ names. Those students threw pies at their principal.

“It’s just my personality,“ said Sauner, “I like to have fun.“

He said the students earned the chance by doing a tough problem, so the fun activity rewarded their hard work.

He arrived in the lunchroom dressed in a large trash bag to cover his work clothes, goggles to cover his eyes and a shower cap to cover his hair. He sat in a chair and the students threw pies at him from a small distance.

Matune chose to use pies and celebrate math on the 14th because the date, known as Pi Day, was 3.14, the first three digits of pi.

Each of the grade levels took on interesting names during the day. The third grade became Arrayville, the fourth grade dubbed the title Angle City and the fifth grade called themselves Fraction Land. They named the school Mathopolis for the day.

“The day allows kids to learn content in a rewarding way ... and have fun while learning,“ Sauner said of the other math related-activities throughout the school.

Teachers had different stations set up in the halls to teach their students lessons. For example, the third grade used tape to make shapes on the walls and floors of the hall. The students found the perimeter and area of these shapes.

Other teachers celebrated the day with the math teachers. Some English teachers had cross curriculum lessons that used math concepts in stories they read to the class. Some classes sang songs about math. A couple of teachers wore clever math shirts as well.

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