Turn house lights on to support student activists

I'm not surprised President Donald J. Trump backtracked and changed his mind on supporting gun legislation for a change in gun laws. My feeling was when he met with the students, he was reading off his list but would never stand up to the NRA.

I believe most Americans would support some change in the laws as long as they realize we are not saying no guns at all. What I believe the students want and what a majority of parents and grandparents want is that no one can ever again go into a school with an automatic weapon and kill our loved ones.

The students are the answer. I don’t believe they will back down. I think they will be registering to vote and before long taking over the offices held by those who are afraid to turn down the NRA money. They are willing to stand up for what they believe is the right thing.

Stopping the sale of guns to anyone under 18 is common sense. You can’t drink legally before 21 so it should be the same for guns.

If you love your guns so much, join the military where they will train and teach you those guns are for killing humans and not hunting animals.

The students have a march planned March 24. For those people who support their cause but are unable to attend, I think we should turn on our outside lights to let them know we stand with them, we march with you, we want the laws changed now – not after another mass shooting of innocents.

Darlene Torday, Berlin Center

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