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U.S. Marshals say Hoerig confessed killing husband

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Documents filed by prosecutors Tuesday in advance of a hearing today in the Claudia Hoerig aggravated-murder case say Hoerig confessed in January that she killed her husband, Karl, in their Newton Falls home in 2007.

On Jan. 17, as federal marshals flew her back to the United States from Brazil, Hoerig began engaging two agents in “general conversation” that led to a remark that: “A wife does not kill her husband without a good reason,” a document from the U.S. Marshal’s Service says.

She went on to say she “suffered from mental and sexual abuse” at the hands of her husband. News reports out of Brazil indicated earlier Claudia Hoerig’s defense might be to claim she killed her husband because of abuse.

Claudia Hoerig told U.S. Marshals on the airplane she was about to kill herself the day of Karl’s murder, but she killed him instead out of anger.

She then tried to kill herself using a wooden device designed to hold a gun, which was mounted in a bedroom closet – but the gun would not fire, she said. She called her father in Brazil and he talked her into fleeing back home.

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