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Neighbors | Zack Shively.The children at the Boardman library's "Games and Gizmos Galore" on Jan. 11 made a series of toys that had flying or aerodynamic qualities. Pictured, Carina and Gianna test the catapults the made using rubberbands and craft sticks.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Children at the Boardman library visited the meeting room for a story time and a chance to make crafts. Pictured, the children and their mother, with the assistance of Boardman librarian Karen Saunders created a ball made of rubber bands to play jacks.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.After a story time, Boardman librarian Karen Saunders led the children and their mother to different stations to create eight different types of crafts. Pictured, Gianna tried out her paper helicopters.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The Games and Gizmos Galore event began with the story "My Friend Rabbit" by Eric Rohmann, where a rabbit and a mouse have adventures with an airplane. Each of the crafts the children did throughout the event centered on flying or aerodynamics, such as making paper airplanes.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Librarian Karen Saunders got the idea for the crafts from St. Clair Adams Sullivan's book, "Bats, Butterflies and Bugs: A Book of Action Toys." Though the library no longer holds that book, Saunders set out a number of similar titles for families to check out.


The Boardman library taught children how to create homemade aerodynamic toys during their “Games and Gizmos Galore“ event on Jan. 11.

Librarian Karen Saunders ran the event and organized the different stations throughout the room. She began the event with a story time and then had the children start to make craft toys.

Saunders read “My Friend Rabbit“ by Eric Rohmann after welcoming the children to the event. The story covers a friendship between a mouse and a rabbit who use an airplane during their adventures.

After the story, the children learned to make crafts relating to flight and aerodynamics. Saunders got the ideas for most of the toys from a book called “Bats, Butterflies and Bugs: A Book of Action Toys“ by St. Clair Adams Sullivan. The library no longer has the book, but she had the notes and toys from that time. She also had a number of books for the children to check out from the library that could teach them how to make craft toys on their own.

They began by making a floating toy out of a paper cone cup by cutting lines down it and pulling back the ends. They then took the top of the cone and spun it and watched it slowly drop. Saunders then gave them another craft where they placed faux propeller blades on a pencil. When the children spun the pencil in their hands quickly, the pencil took brief flight.

Saunders then gave the children a rectangular piece of cloth. They punched holes on the sides of the cloth and ran string through the holes to create a sling. They placed a marshmallow in on the cloth and wrapped the string around their hands. They spun the toy clockwise in the air, which threw the marshmallow.

The group moved to another table in the back where they wrapped rubber bands into a ball, which they used to play jacks. They also made a catapult out of craft sticks and rubber bands in the back. They used the catapult to launch pompoms across the table.

They then finished with a trio of paper crafts. Saunders gave the students a worksheet that instructed the children to cut the paper in a way to make a paper helicopter craft that spun as it fell. The next worksheet made an object called a “flutter fish“ where the children cut out a fish shaped piece of paper that twisted while fluttering to the ground.

They ended the event by making paper airplanes. The children followed the instructions on the worksheet and then tried to throw their plane further than the others. Saunders gave the participants a brown bag to hold all the things they made during the event.

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