Parents have role to play in ensuring school safety

Parents have role to play in ensuring school safety

I agree for school safe- ty on stricter gun laws, better background checks, but it is not up to teachers to carry a gun or taxpayers to foot the bill when parents do not take responsibility.

Parents, you can not ignore the signs. If your child has anger issues, failing grades/skipping school, no friends, sits in his/her room all day, depression, then do something. Don’t send them to school and expect teachers to deal with them.

Schools, you know who the troubled children are; get them out of the classroom and into a facility with counselors, officers, professionals who could evaluate these kids.

It is time for parents to pay just as a parent is responsible to pay child support. It can come out of the paycheck, tax return, welfare check, Social Security check, Medicaid.

Get some school districts to open boot camps, medical facilities for these troubled children and classroom disrupters. Parents should also pay for therapy and boot camps.

Maybe with more of the problems out of the school, there will not be as many problems in the school.

This has to happen now. Get these programs started so children who really come to school to learn and respect teachers can do that. Secure the schools with locks, alarms, licensed officers, and not with guns.

Vickie L. Paridon, Girard

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