The person whose property (house, garage, or fence) is damaged would file a claim with his insurance company, no matter who owns the tree that caused the damage. The insurer will pay for removal of the tree (usually up to $500 per tree or $1,000 per event).

If your insurer believes that a neighbor or municipality has any liability (from a sick or dead tree), the insurer will subrogate against the other party.

If you are worried about a neighbor’s tree and think it might fall, talk to your neighbor to see if the tree can be trimmed or removed before damage occurs or check with your city or township officials to see if they can intervene.

If a tree falls in your yard due to wind and no damage occurs and the tree is not interfering with the homeowner’s driveway or handicapped access, typically a homeowners policy will not provide coverage to remove the tree. If it is your tree, you would be responsible for its removal.

Source: Ohio Department of Insurance

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