Probe Pittsburgh Police shooting promptly

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The protesters who took to the streets and social media after Antwon Rose’s death deserve answers. Allegheny County police Superintendent Coleman McDonough deserves time to provide them.

Antwon, 17, a student at Woodland Hills High School, was fatally shot three times Tuesday night by East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld. County officials said Antwon fled from a car that had been stopped because it matched the description of one linked to an earlier shooting.

The protesters and Antwon’s family and friends have many questions, such as why the officer fired at the youth, who was unarmed but had an empty handgun clip in his pants pocket, as he ran away. They want to know whether Officer Rosfeld will be punished. They’re entitled to explanations. Superintendent McDonough asked for time to conduct “an objective investigation, to gather facts,” and that’s also a legitimate request.

The investigation should be conducted as quickly as possible. It benefits no one — neither Antwon’s family nor the community nor Officer Rosfeld — to drag things out. Besides, the public mood will not tolerate unreasonable delay.

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