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Neighbors | Zack Shively.West Boulevard invited their fourth-grade students back to the school on the night of May 31 for the school's annual fun night. The school organizes activities for the fourth-grade students to participate in during the night. Pictured, Phaline McMillen and Victoria Donatelli ate pizza that the school bought for the students.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The West Boulevard Elementary fourth-grade students spent hours with their teachers on May 31, the day before the students graduated from the school. Pictured, the students got a chance to play dodgeball against each other at one of the stations during the night.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The West Boulevard Elementary fourth-grade students had a scavenger hunt. The teachers gave the teams of two to three students a list of things they needed to find in the school, and the students used the school iPads to take pictures of the items. Teams scored points if no other team had the same picture as their picture. The winning team received a candy treat.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.West Boulevard Elementary has the fun night for fourth-grade students every year. Principal Al Cervello said that the night is a rite of passage for the students. The students made brochures for the third-graders about the fourth grade experience at one of their four stations during the fun night.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The fourth-grade students moved between four different stations throughout their fun night. One of the stations, pictured, took place in the school's art room. The students painted stamped handprints on a poem, which they kept as a keepsake.


West Boulevard Elementary School had their annual night of fun for the fourth grade students on May 31.

The students participated in a number of events while switching through different stations. The night is a special event that the school does for the students the night before their graduation ceremony.

“It’s a rite of passage at the end of the fourth grade year,” said Al Cervello, the school’s principal.

The students spent their time at the school with other fourth grade teachers in the school. The parents dropped the students off and picked them back up hours later. The children went between each of the four stations and had pizza near the end of the night.

The students started the event with a small project where they received a small cut out in the shape of a person. The children decorated the figure to look like themselves. From there, they played relay races in the gym. They then broke off into smaller groups.

They had four different areas where children participated in activities. The dodgeball station took place in the gym after the relay races. The scavenger hunt station began in the technology room and expanded across the school.

The scavenger hunt split the group of children into teams of two to three students. They then travelled throughout the school trying to find items that fit certain criteria, such as “something red” or “something you can eat.” They took pictures of these objects using the school’s iPads. The team with the most images that no other team had won a treat.

They also had an area where teachers painted the students’ hands and they made handprints on a poem as a keepsake. In the library, the students made a brochure of the fourth-grade year for next year’s fourth -grade students.

After all of the students went to each of the activities, they had a slice of pizza, chips and a drink to end the night.

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