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Warren man gets 18 months probation for fatal crash

Thursday, June 14, 2018

YOUNGSTOWN — A Warren man was sentenced to 18 months probation today in municipal court on a charge of negligent homicide for a motorcycle crash last May on the Madison Avenue Expressway in which a passenger was killed.

Judge Elizabeth Kobly handed the sentence down to Scott Quiggle, 52, for the accident which killed Eileen Hahn, 47, also of Warren.

Judge Kobly explained to some friends and family in the courtroom that she was legally bound to consider Quiggle’s lack of a criminal record and the fact that legally his actions weren’t reckless but negligent

Prosecutors said Quiggle was speeding when he lost control of his motorcycle and it crashed. Quiggle said he was not speeding and that he was struck by something just before the accident which caused him to lose control.