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Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield City Council President John Morvay (left) welcomed Canfield High School juniors and seniors to the 38th annual Civic Day, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Canfield, as Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett (back left) and Canfield City Council Member Bruce Neff (right) looked on.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett conferred with acting student mayor Vincent Patierno during the Canfield High School 38th annual Civic Day, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Canfield, on May 4.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.A Canfield High School student read a report as City Manager Wade Calhoun, Police Chief Charles Collucci and Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett looked on during a mock City Council meeting, which was conducted as part of the school’s 38th annual Civic Day sponsored by the Rotary Club of Canfield.


The 38th annual Civic Day, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Canfield, took place with 38 Canfield High School juniors and seniors assuming the roles of city, township and school officials on May 5.

The day was organized by Canfield High School government teacher Todd Muckleroy and provided the students an opportunity to become familiar with the workings of their local government.

Each student was assigned an official from Canfield City Council, Canfield Schools or Canfield Township to shadow during the day. For example, Vincent Patierno took over the role of Mayor Richard Duffett, Isabelle Nuppnau took over the role of Clerk of Mayor’s Court Lynda Seabrook, Grace Schuler took over the role of Clerk of Council Pat Bernat, Lauren Johnson assumed the role of Trustee Marie Izzo-Cartwright, Joe Marzano assumed the role of Township Fiscal Officer Carmen Heasley, Rajan Taneja took over the role of School Superintendent Alex Geordan, Madison Schrock assumed the role of Canfield Local Schools Treasurer Patricia Prince and Conor Crogan assumed the role of Resource Officer Steve Garstka.

Civic Day started at the Canfield Local Schools Board Office where the students conducted a mock school board meeting with their official counterparts. The school officials helped the students understand how a school board meeting is conducted and explained policies and procedures for the meeting.

The students then toured Canfield Village Middle School and were given a tour of the police and fire stations.

The students walked over to the Canfield Municipal Building where they were welcomed by City Council President John Morvay who gave them an overview of City Council meetings and city government.

“Welcome. Our city is run by a staff of several and our City Council. The staff is hired by the City Council to help run the city. The Council members have to run for election and be elected to their positions. The Council oversees what our city manager, Wade Calhoun, does and we collectively come together to make a decision for the city,” Morvay said.

Morvay then encouraged the students to get involved in their community.

“Consider getting involved in your community. We do this because we love this city and we want to give back to the community. We want our city to remain as is. We want Canfield to be Canfield,” Morvay said.

The students hosted a mock city council meeting, with the help of their counterparts. The students were coached through a council meeting, complete with motions, questions from meeting attendees, discussions, roll call, debates, reading of reports and banging of the gavel.

Acting in the role of the mayor, Vincent Patierno read a resolution which declared May 4, 2018, as Canfield High School Civic Day.

Mayor Richard Duffett encouraged the students to get involved in government.

“The purpose of Civic Day is to learn about government. After what you have learned today, I encourage you to get involved in government at any level. I would encourage you to make that decision now,” Duffett said.

Toward the end of the meeting, a motion was made to provide the absence of final exams for Canfield High School seniors. After a second, the motion was put to a vote, the majority ruled in favor of the motion.

Mayor Duffett thanked the students for visiting Council Chambers.

“Thank you for visiting us today. I hope you learned a lot about how the City of Canfield operates. I am a lifetime Canfield resident and I didn’t know the city was run so efficiently. But because of the type of government we follow, we are efficient and work closely together. Canfield is the greatest city in the state of Ohio of its size. No question,” Duffett said.

The students then traveled to the Canfield Township Hall where a mock trustee meeting took place.

To close out the day, the Rotary Club of Canfield had a luncheon for the students and city, township and school officials at St. Michael’s Church.

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