Second graders become historical figures for project

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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Austintown Elementary School's second grade classes began their wax museum projects on May 2. The students in the class chose a historic figure to represent in their museum. Pictured, Cole, as Johnny Appleseed, gave a presentation about Appleseed.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The second-grade students gave presentations as people from history to their parents during class. The parents came in and pressed buttons on the students' desks. Students gave a small speech about their historic figure after the button was pressed, like in a wax museum. Pictured, the students in Jacquelynne Moretti's class dressed as their favorite people in history.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Jacquelynne Moretti organized the wax museum presentations by theme. She had "Women in History, "Men in History", "Entertainment," "Science" and "Sports." Pictured are the science section, including Kevin as Steve Jobs, Jayden as Neil Armstrong and Liam as Albert Einstein.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The second grade could choose people from long-standing history, like Betsy Ross, or historic figures from recent history, such as Donald Trump, for their wax museum project. Pictured is Jacob Duzzny as President Trump.


The Austintown Elementary School’s second-grade classes began their Wax Museum projects on May 2.

The classes invited their parents to the school for a presentation. The students dressed up as figures from history and recited a speech when someone pressed a button in front of the student, like in a wax museum.

The students all chose a historical figure on which to do their project. They researched and wrote about the person and then came in to school dressed as the historical figure. Before the presentation with parents, they practiced with younger classes in the school so they could see the project.

“The most important part, to me, is that it is student led and project based,” said Jacquelynne Moretti, a second grade teacher. The students led their own research and came to their own findings about a person from history.

The students represented both long-standing history, with people such as Babe Ruth and Harry Houdini, and recent history, with J.K. Rowling, and more. Moretti organized the museum into different groups, such as “Women in History,” which featured women like Betsy Ross and Rosa Parks, and “Science,” with scientists such as Jane Goodall and Albert Einstein.

Danica Stanley, who dressed as Goodall, said she chose to represent her because she likes animals. She enjoyed giving the presentation and learning about the different people from history, but her favorite part was practicing with the younger students.

All the second-grade students have done the project since moving to the new school. The project meets the standards for social studies and science and gives the students an interesting way to learn about history.

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