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Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield High School senior Ethan Kalina was recognized by Assistant Principal David Mullane (left) and Principal Mike Moldovan as he accepted his Academic Awards certificate at the Canfield Parent-Teacher Association’s 35th annual Academic Awards Program.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett served at the Keynote Speaker at the Canfield Parent-Teacher Association’s 35th annual Academic Awards Program on May 3.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield High School Principal Mike Moldovan congratulated junior Gianna Flask as she accepted her Academic Awards certificate at the Canfield Parent-Teacher Association’s 35th annual Academic Awards Program on May 3.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield High School senior Amanda Petro joined her fellow honorees on stage as she accepted her Academic Awards certificate from Principal Mike Moldovan at the Canfield Parent-Teacher Association’s 35th annual Academic Awards Program.


The Canfield Parent-Teacher Association hosted its 35th annual Academic Awards Program in the high school auditorium on May 3. The program honored junior and senior students with a grade point average of 4.01 or higher.

Canfield High School Principal Mike Moldovan welcomed the students, families and friends.

“Good evening. Thank you for coming to the PTA Academic Awards Program. I would like to start the evening by introducing Julie Miller, Canfield PTA president,” Moldovan said.

“Good evening. On behalf of the PTA, welcome to the Academic Awards Program. We are excited and thrilled to honor these exceptional students. There are many awards programs, but this program is the only one to honor academic excellence. We appreciate your hard work. To obtain a grade point average of 4.01 or higher is an amazing feat. You are the cream of the crop. Seniors, as you move onto the next chapter, we hope you have fond memories of Canfield Local Schools. Continue to strive for academic excellence because you are our future leaders. Juniors, you are entering your most important year. We know you possess the qualities to succeed. You are outstanding examples for all of us,” Miller said.

Miller went on to tell the students they would receive a brand new patch to recognize their academic accomplishment.

“The PTA is committed to rewarding hard work. You all will receive a newly-designed academic patch to display however you see fit because you are now part of an elite group,” Miller said.

Moldovan continued the program with opening remarks.

“Good evening parents and honorees. It is a pleasure to attend events which honor students at Canfield High School. This is a special honor of academic excellence. I congratulate you. I congratulate your parents, too. It is so important to realize the support systems you have. I have never seen better parental and community support,” Moldovan said.

Moldovan continued by praising Canfield teachers.

“Our teachers work tirelessly and do a fantastic job. They work hard to build relationships with their students, which benefits all,” Moldovan said.

Moldovan then introduced Keynote Speaker Canfield Mayor Richard Duffett.

“I am indeed honored to be here tonight. As mayor and a graduate of Canfield High School, I am proud, humbled, honored to address this group of students. My congratulations to you. We are proud of you,” Duffett said.

Duffett continued by asking the students a question.

“Where do you want to go from here? It’s an existential question, but I have a couple thoughts. It’s about you and your life and where you go and what you want to become. You did not get here by yourself. Here at CHS, you received top quality instruction. The foundation of intellectual success here was long established before you were born. You were smart to take advantage of a good educational opportunity,” Duffett said.

Duffett encouraged the students to help others and make a difference.

“I encourage you to get your degree and become an accomplished professional. But you can also be that someone who helps others achieve their goals. Testimony of history is clear. One person can make a difference for the common good. You can be that person. It’s a great time to be a Cardinal and a Cardinal graduate. Best of luck to you,” Duffett said.

David Mullane, Canfield High School Assistant Principal, then took the stage to present first the 56 seniors, and then the 50 juniors, with their Academic Awards certificates. As their name was called, each student walked to the stage, where they were handed their certificate by Moldovan.

Moldovan then handed the stage over to Philip Bova, Canfield Board of Education member.

“It is a great honor to be standing here with people I’ve taught. It gives me great pride. This is a wonderful event. Not too many schools in the area have as many fine students as we have here. What’s really incredible about Canfield Schools is that it’s cool to be smart. There is so much I can share with you because life is a spectrum. I walked this path and I know some things. I can tell you what you do next will determine the rest of your life. Go out there and build a good foundation,” Bova said.

Bova then shared some wisdom with the students.

“First, you need to know your parents are going to get a lot smarter as you get older. Decision making is important. There are so many decisions you will make that you think are small which will actually affect the rest of your life. Make good decisions. That’s so important. Always do the right thing. Don’t do something because someone is pressuring you. Most importantly, make a difference with your life. Be a positive person. Negativity destroys. Be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone else. And if you can do anything, try to stop the hate that is going on around us,” Bova said.

Bova encouraged the students to keep going even if they fail.

“You are going to fail at some point. Failing is a way of life. Get up, brush yourself off and move on. Nothing happens that can’t be fixed. Love yourself. When you start to love yourself, your life will change. Love your parents, siblings and friends. Thank you for the honor of speaking to you tonight. From the Board of Education, congratulations to you all,” Bova said.

The Canfield PTA invited the students, families and friends to the cafeteria for desserts and fellowship following the program.

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