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C.H. Campbell’s class of 2026 celebrates memories and moving forward

Canfield 4th-graders look back, forward

By Amanda Tonoli

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

By Amanda Tonoli


About 85 C.H. Campbell Elementary School fourth-graders celebrated memories and moving forward at the annual Fourth-Grade Picnic at Fair Park.

Students sporting Class of 2026 shirts played on jungle gyms, ate flavored ice, played basketball and more with one another for 21/2 hours earlier this week as both their treat and send-off.

The picnic is organized by the Parent-Teacher Association at the end of every year for fourth-graders getting ready to transition to a new grade and new school – Canfield Village Middle School – said Travis Lavery, C.H. Campbell Elementary principal.

“We have yearbook signings, games, a playground, food and other things,” he said. “Kona Ice comes here, as well. It’s just a nice day to send [the students] off. When we get back [to C.H. Campbell] the PTA put together a memory video – a nice big video of the kids from kindergarten through now, fourth-grade. It can be a tearjerker.”

The down time of the day was Sofia Caspronova’s favorite aspect of the picnic.

“It’s nice just playing with everyone and getting a chance to be with each other before summer starts,” she said.

Although Sofia, 10, will be busy in the coming summer months with sports, including softball, basketball and flag football, she’s happily anticipating the start of middle school.

“In middle school, you get to switch classes and see different teachers,” she explained.

A.J. Hewko, 10, said he’s most looking forward to taking engineering and robotics classes at the middle school.

“My mom and dad have always bought Legos for me, and it just interests me,” he said.

A.J. said he’s also excited to start taking middle-school math and science classes for a bigger challenge.

“Being an engineer, you have to know a lot of science and math,” he explained.

Gavin English, 10, said he’s also ready for new challenges – only in sports.

“In elementary [school], sports are much easier and not really a challenge for me any more,” he said. “I’m looking forward to middle-school-level sports and playing with the older players.”