BOXING, BEER AND BIKES | Saturday’s card

65 — Sauwah Cook (Pittsburgh) vs. Lamauri Grays (Cleveland).

70 — David Webb (Cleveland) vs. Juan Jaurequi (Youngstown South Side Boxing Club).

80 — Ibrahim Mason (Cleveland) vs. Darion Webb (Toledo).

90 — Juan Santiago (Toronto) vs. Joey Nail (Struthers Burnside Athletic Club).

95 — Hadi Almanhadi (Detroit) vs. Lamar Stewart (Toledo).

110 — Keonte Johnson (Detroit) vs. Andullah Mason (Cleveland).

125 — Danny Bodish (Pittsburgh) vs. Adil Mason (Cleveland).

130 — Gram Royal (Columbus) vs. Rashaun Maidden (Pittsburgh).

130 — Amed Almosawi (Detroit) vs. Will Jackson (Cleveland).

132 — Hussan Almanhadi (Detroit) vs. Jackson Behun (Youngstown South Side Boxing Club).

135 — Frank Brown (Cleveland) vs. Corey Lopez (Pittsburgh).

135 — Courtney Price (Struthers, Burnside A.C.) vs. Chris Hill (New Castle).

150 — Nate Willingham (Pittsburgh Third Avenue Gym) vs. Brian Crockett (Ashtabula).

150 — Hector Chrino (Cleveland) vs. Nate Cordova (Struthers Burnside A.C.).

160 — Eric Quarles (Pittsburgh Third Avenue Gym) vs. Brian Sims (Youngstown Downtown Boxing Club).

160 — Dijon Todoroff (Cleveland) vs. Maurice Turner (Ashtabula).

165 — Brock McClelland (Pittsburgh) vs. Travis Charles (Canton).

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