Campbell cops overpaid $20K due to error

[EDITORS NOTE — This story has been updated to clarify how the cops were incorrectly paid.]



City police officers were overpaid nearly $20,000 due to a bookkeeping error over the course of three months in 2017.

Now, the city hopes to recoup those funds.

Between April and June 2017, some officers were incorrectly paid the hourly rates for both patrolmen and sergants during their patrol shifts, resulting in a total overpayment of nearly $20,000 among eight officers.

Officers in command during patrol shifts are paid a higher wage during those shifts. Some officers, however, were paid both wages.

The city became aware of the mishap after finance director Yanni Tiliakos reviewed records from the previous finance director’s tenure and alerted the city.

“The payroll company was given bad numbers,” Law Director Brian Macala said.

Tuesday, the affected officers, their union representation and members of the city administration – including Mayor Nick Phillips and Macala – met to discuss how to rectify the situation.

After the meeting, Macala said the officers’ union representatives wished for the city to produce more data on the situation before any money was returned.

In addition to the review, the union representatives also requested city administrators ask city council if they might consider forgiving the pay error, allowing the officers to not make repayments.

If an agreement isn’t otherwise arranged, however, the officers will be expected to return the money.

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