Marriage licenses

Michael E. Gonzales, 56, of Columbia, S.C., and Lorraine H. Dively, 56, of same.

Christopher R. Gilbert, 37, of Warren, and Sara R. Criddle, 36, of same.

Kevin J. Copenhaver, 24, of Hubbard, and Gabriella R. Williams, 23, of same.

Robert J. Domyanich, 32, of Niles, and Tracy M. Markel, 39, of same.

Daniel A. Gillies, 33, of Warren, and Elizabeth D. Williams, 25, of same.

Michael R. Vanes, 26, of Girard, and Andrea F. Reis, 26, of Piumhi, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Joseph M. Salcone, 50, of Leavittsburg, and Pamela J. Waugh, 54, of same.

Jonathan J. Morse, 29, of Orwell, and Adriana M. Brumstetter, 25, of same.

Larry A. Gilmore, 76, of Warren, and Patricia J. Datish, 72, of same.

Dwight E. Moore, 55, Niles, and Jennifer L. McKenney, 45, of same.

Christopher J. Zadroski, 26, of Warren, and Morgan A. White, 26, of same.

Taylor M. Wirick, 20, of Newton Falls, and Tyler S. Almashy, 26, of same.

Amber L. Day, 27, of McDonald, and Joshua A.G. Penick, 24, of same.

Deborah J. Martin, 58, of Girard, and Thomas E. Muth, 58, of same.

Brian R. Koper, 45, of Warren, and Tara M. Behun, 44, of same.

Emil J. Santiago, 23, of Sharon, Pa., and Tara L. King, 23, of Hubbard.

Aldred J. Redarowicz, 55, of Vienna, and Diana D. Thompson, 50, of same.

William J. Stasko II, 52, of Girard, and Donna M. Stephens, 49, of same.

Karlie A. Lomax, 24, of Girard, and Franklin D. Haring Jr., 30, of same.

Ernest S. Davis, 55, of Warren, and Rachelle L. Morrison, 55, of same.

Todd L. Barbe, 47, of Cortland, and Glenda M. Duncan, 48, of same.

Leroy A. Yoder, 24, of Emlenton, Pa., and Rachel D. Kuhns, 27, of West Farmington.

Hao Zhang, 26, of Warren, and Linling Lin, 32, of same.

Rachel M. Vallas, 23, of Hubbard, and John W. Trickett, 25, of same.

Alexander A. Kubilis, 23, of Leavittsburg, and Deanne M. Stambolia, 20, of Newton Falls.

Christopher A. Gatta, 52, of Niles, and Rachel C. Dalton, 42, of same.

Brandon C. Foust, 27, of Niles, and Deserre T. Brown, 23, of same.

Robert J. Greco, 36, of Hubbard, and Alisha A. Yanniello, 37, of same.

Hope L. Lucy, 43, of Warren, and Paul H. Amos, 43, of same.

Heather S. Brady, 36, of Brookfield, and Julius G. Torreance, 40, of same.

New complaints

Citibank NA v. James P. Glancy Jr., foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Shirley Dionisio, foreclosure.

US Bank Trust NA v. Capital One Bank, foreclosure.

US Bank National Assoc. v. Barbara A. Dehn, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Richard E. Cecconi Jr., foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC v. Frank P. Galati Jr., foreclosure.

EMC Insurance Companies v. Paul G. Hartman, other civil.

US Asset Management v. Marjorie A. Brown, other civil.

Barbara Watkins v. Letha Marsh, other civil.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Levi DeJacimo, other civil.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Robert J. Fedders, other civil.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Dale J. Murray, other civil.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Phillip G. Bruss, other civil.

State of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation v. Tamara J. Winans, other civil.

Linda Dorsey v. Dollar General Corp., other torts.

Phillip W. Burbridge v. Timothy Busefink, other torts.

Michael Undertajlo v. Cody Reesman, other torts.

Stanley D. Dykes v. Ryan A. Gearheart, other torts.

Theresa L. Moran v. Rood Trucking Co. Inc., workers’ compensation.

Associated School Employees Credit Union v. Donna N. Rendziniak, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Brandi Hall and Joshua Hall.

Nicholas Singelis II and Rebecca I. Farhat-Singelis.

Richard L. Tackett and Sandra K. Tackett.

Divorces Asked

Britney M. Scott v. James F.D. Scott.

Ted T. Harless v. Mary Beth Harless.

Tammy L. Stull v. Mark A. Stull.



State v. Harsimran Singh, counts 3 and 4 dismissed; pleads guilty.

State v. Kyree R. Grabe, community control for a period of 5 years to be monitored by APA.

State v. Elizabeth Durick, pleads guilty.

State v. Craig A. Alflen, pleads guilty.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association v. Rick L. Steed et al, confirmation of sale and ordering distribution.

Rainy Day Rentals Inc. v. Next Gen Properties Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Ohio Edison Co. v. Harry Manganaro, order of magistrate.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Heydle Real Estate Inc. et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. National Association v. Kathleen M. Kuzan et al, property withdrawn from sale.

Emma Parker v. Cathy Giles et al, dismissed; judgment entered.

Brenda Regna v. Amy Ziccardi et al, order of magistrate.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC v. Brandon W. Murray et al, order of magistrate; sale withdrawn.

Cecelia C. Gill v. Gia M. Ferraro et al, settled and dismissed.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 v. Kelly Wolford, judgment entered.

Huntington National Bank v. Danny L. Bortmas et al, order of magistrate.

Mark Fontanarosa v. Kelly Connors, order of magistrate.

Teresa Henderson v. Shoe Carnival Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Bethany Paulin v. Roxanne Holby, order of magistrate.

Kenneth Blair v. Edward Smith, dismissed.

Jamilha Moore v. Shalyse Poole, magistrate’s decision.

Shalamar Teague v. Jamilha Moore, magistrate’s decision.

Chaka Walker v. Latoya Broadus-Jennings, dismissed.

Andrea Perry v. Nicole Hardy, order of magistrate.

Tina Lawrence v. Charles Watson, order of magistrate.

Jasmyn Fornore v. Ashley R. Dothard, order of magistrate.

Patricia Anderson v. Nicole Nagey, magistrate’s decision adopted.

State v. Kimani O. Hodges, judgment entered.

State v. David Johnson, forfeited.

National City Bank v. Randy Peterson, order of magistrate.

Homebridge Financial Services Inc. v. William S. Candella et al, order of magistrate.

Jerry Showers et al v. BPI Recycling LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Perry Chickonoski v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., order of magistrate.

Sandra Geary et al v. Youngstown Plastic Tooling and Machinery Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Shirley A. Duchanois v. Lee S. Duchanois, order of magistrate.

Cranpark Inc. v. Stuart Moskovitz et al, order of magistrate.

Emily Barnes v. Norma Rogers et al, decision of magistrate.

Robert Buydos v. General Motors LLC, settled and dismissed.

Shirlene Jethroe v. General Motors LLC, settled and dismissed.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Tawana Dale-Matthews et al, order of magistrate.

Banner Supply Co. v. Ancel Wilson et al, dismissed.

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