Kimberly A. Iudicciani to Village Realty LLC, E. Water St., Lowellville, $40,000.

Dennis E. Phillips to Anthony P. Phillips, Radcliffe Ave., Austintown, $90,000.

Sharon J. Rich et al to Gregory S. Razo, South Ave., Youngstown, $36,000.

Patrick E. Hudson et al to James D. Chismark II, Robert Frost Drive, Austintown, $146,000.

Sunrise Development Co. et al to Amazing Grace Land Lion LLC, Mahoning Ave., Milton Township, $183,304.

Kristen Stauffer et al to Cole C. Pentz et al, S. Whitney Ave., Youngstown, $9,650.

Marion T. Cicuto to Todd R. Creed Jr. et al, Lyon Blvd., Poland, $113,300.

Donna J. Masters to Judith Himes, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $150,000.

Marjorie A. Monroe to Jeremy Cramer, Euclid Ave., Struthers, $16,000.

Eric D. Dattilo et al to John W. Scott et al, Presidential Drive, Boardman, $200,000.

Ruby Ribers et al to H&C Rental Properties LLC, E. Evergreen Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

John T. Ramson et al to Adam J. Madgar et al, Fadeway Drive, Canfield, $305,900.

David M. Cadman et al to John W. McCann, Louise Rita Court, Youngstown, $51,200.

Steven J. Sabanick to Benny Esparra, Shelby Road, Youngstown, $41,500.

Danielle Carson to Janice M. Yoakam, Main St., New Middletown, $84,900.

LYOH LLC to Dennis Garner, W. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, $9,900.

Andrew Scheiben to Allison S. Mapel, W. Texas Ave., Sebring, $89,488.

Scott A. Dean to Jeffrey T. Hall Jr., W. Ohio Ave., Sebring, $68,900.

Joseph N. Stefanec et al to Kenneth Stinson et al, Indianola Road, Boardman, $110,000.

Adam M. Day et al to Charles McCullough et al, Wyndclift Circle, Austintown, $167,000.

Carolyn U. Stoneburner to Gary A. DiTullio, Lake Pointe Circle, Canfield, $22,400.

Adam R. Kyle et al to Benny J. Forte et al, Chidester Drive, Canfield, $155,000.

George Bella et al to Nicholas L. Sica et al, Meadowood Circle, Poland, $374,900.

Estate of John Kmetz to Weshio LLC, Jackson St., Campbell, $37,865.

Linda A. Wright to Nevada Algo Trading LLC, Princess St., Campbell, $16,000.

Cynthia M. Blubaugh to Shawna K. McNabb et al, Deopham Green Drive, Austintown, $114,000.

William E. Hood et al to James M. Daley et al, Hood Drive, Canfield, $118,200.

Daniel A. Martin II to Jessica Buckner, Evelyn Road, Austintown, $82,000.

Ryan W. England et al to Joyce C. Klossner, W. Pennsylvania Ave., Sebring, $20,000.

Cynthia A. D’Amico et al to Amelia Iman, London Drive, Austintown, $107,000.

Charles E. Seckler to Richard M. Douglass, Chapel Hill Drive, Austintown, $109,900.

Angeline M. Jordon to Colleen Fiest, Callaway Circle, Austintown, $98,500.

Angelo DeFrank to Leona M. Stearns, Perry St., Struthers, $25,000.

Kenneth J. Nepple et al to Benjamin A. Bowser, London Drive, Austintown, $133,000.

Matthew C. Micozzi et al to Adam Hochschild, S. Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, $117,500.

Italiano Capital LCL to Tatiana Betancourt, Howard St., Youngstown, $22,000.

Thomas L. Dailey et al to Robert Noel, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $53,000.

Anthony Feuntes to James Cottle et al, Elm St., Youngstown, $5,000.

Jason A. Carcelli to Brody S. Kilmer, Hamilton Blvd., Struthers, $92,500.

Lee J. Gerlick to Sara A. Jackson, Overlook Blvd., Struthers, $88,500.

Richard L. Zitkovic et al to All Relocation Services LtD, Morningview Circle, Canfield, $244,500.

All Relocation Services LTD to Gino M. Pascarella, Morningview Circle, Canfield, $244,500.

Deanna L. Dunaway et al to David Mrdjenovic et al, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $420,000.

Barbara M. Heffelfinger to James R. Beam Sr. et al, Pearson Circle Unit 2, Boardman, $75,000.

SREM Holdings LLC to Pete Ignatovic et al, Maple Ave., Boardman, $180,000.

Michele Hilty to Jeffrey T. Ferguson, Polley Drive, Austintown, $81,000.

Christina Martinko et al to Nicole M. Furrie et al, Huntington Drive, Boardman, $195,000.

Anthony F. Nolfi Jr. et al to Daniel Rulatko, Redford Road, Lowellville, $188,750.

Deborah E. Wilson to Jessica K. Greenhaw et al, Turnberry Drive, Boardman, $140,000.

US Campus Suites LLC to Youngstown State University Foundation, Bryson and Elm streets, Youngstown, $438,750.

John G. Missos et al to Gary B. Reynolds Jr., S. Cadillac Drive, Boardman, $138,000.

Matthew J. Ross et al to Dwayne H. Thornton Sr., Bonair Ave., Youngstown, $54,900.

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Christopher Broderick et al, Swallow Hollow, Poland, $250,500.

Patricia J. Bellitt to Joelyn A. Stefanec et al, Fitch Blvd. No. 202, Austintown, $132,000.

Dennis Orr to Larry Mentzer et al, Messerly Road, Canfield, $380,000.

Sandra L. Magliocca et al to Larry W. Parker et al, Bexley Drive, Austintown, $137,000.

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Kevin Newton et al, Starwick Drive, Canfield, $268,259.

Denise C. Butler to John B. Butler Jr., Westview Drive, Boardman, $73,000.

Dolores Weitzman-Schweikert et al to Cardinal Capital LLC, Sylvia Lane, Boardman, $38,000.

William P. McMillen to Christine L. Kurz, Autumn Hills Drive Unit 2, Boardman, $60,000.

Christinea M. Borone to Nathan Brode et al, Wolcott Drive, Boardman, $144,000.

Alejandro Perez to The City of Youngstown, Franklin Ave., Youngstown, $60,000.

Stephen J. Orlando et al to Roy H. John et al, Melrose Ave., Boardman, $56,000.

Davis Family Heritage LLC to Rajin Sharma et al, Manchester Ave., Youngstown, $20,000.

Laraine J. Wallace et al to Hubert M. Welch III et al, Oran Drive, Youngstown, $67,500.

Tri-State Management Group to Kenneth A. Keich et al, Columbiana-Canfield Road, Canfield, $152,000.

Tulsiani Group of Companies LTD et al to Salman Investments LLC, 12th St., Campbell, $6,500.

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