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Man injured after tree falls on him in Poland Municipal Forest

Friday, July 20, 2018

Staff report


A man was injured when a tree in Poland Municipal Forest fell on him Wednesday night, village and fire officials said.

Officials said the man was walking in the woods looking for owls about dusk when a tree fell from its base and hit him.

Chip Comstock, fire chief for Western Reserve Joint Fire District, said the dispatch call reported the man was unconscious after the tree hit him, but the first medic at the scene reported he was conscious and talking.

Fire district responders used a rescue basket to get the man out of the forest and to an ambulance, Comstock said.

Village police also responded to the incident.

Information about his condition Thursday was not immediately available.

The question of whether to remove dead ash trees from the forest has been hotly debated in the village for the past few years, with some saying the dead trees pose a safety risk and others arguing the forest should be left in its natural state.

It was not immediately clear what type of tree fell in this case. A video of the tree shows it uprooted and lying on the forest floor. Some officials estimated it was about 45 feet tall.