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MetroParks goose population holds steady

Monday, July 9, 2018


A recent survey of the Canada goose population in Mill Creek MetroParks found the number of geese in the park is almost identical to last year, and is at a level that an Audubon Society Mahoning Valley member said is reasonable for the MetroParks’ size.

The MetroParks board authorized the Audubon Society to take a census of the goose population each year in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services has been working with the MetroParks since 2013 to manage the goose population.

Last year, the Audubon Society counted 171 geese in the park. A count conducted at numerous locations around the park June 25 found 168 geese, including six goslings, most of which were found at Lake Glacier, the Newport Wetlands, the wildlife sanctuary, and Lake Newport.

Bettyann Nagy, an Audubon board member who reported the census to the MetroParks board at a meeting Monday, said the society’s opinion is that the USDA’s practice of addling eggs has been effective and the society agrees with USDA suggestions to continue goose harassment, egg addling and nest destruction, and enforcement of no-feeding rules.