Spectrum switch to digital caught some cable subscribers by surprise

YOUNGSTOWN — Spectrum, the cable television provider that serves the city, switched from analog to digital service Tuesday, leaving some residents confused as to why their television wasn’t working.

The company had sent out notices in advance, advising customers how to obtain the new component that must be connected to televisions to ensure that cable service continues interrupted.

But apparently, not all customers took heed Tuesday and had to call the local office for information.

Bill Morand, Spectrum spokesman for the Youngstown area, could not say how many customers in the city called the company, but said they were similar to the numbers for other cities on the day the changeover occurred.

“There is always a certain percentage of customers who either missed the notification, or didn’t think it was real, or didn’t take action, and they wind up without television when they wake up in the morning,” he said.

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