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Boardmanite explains ‘no’ vote on school levy

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Boardmanite explains ‘no’ vote on school levy

With all due respect to the fine Boardman Township school system, I will be voting “no” on the proposed Boardman school levy this May.

It’s not because, by the grace of God, that I can’t afford it, but because I am not confident that a comprehensive due-diligence process was performed.

First, the superintendent should inform the taxpayers of Boardman of the impending “big impact” that will occur if this levy fails. I am confident that there are multiple alternatives and/or contingencies in place for such occurrences; is that not within the scope of the superintendent’s position?

Second, it is common knowledge that a significant percentage of families in our fine township live literally paycheck to paycheck. These families must decide between eating and performing necessary repairs on their homes in order to exist in them.

And third, let’s not forget those fine families on a fixed income that do not even have the discretionary funds to have that daily cup of coffee with their friends anymore; how evil of them.

Surely, if it is the desire for the people of Boardman to put more “skin” into the game, a reasonable and prudent person can only assume that concessions are in order for the school system as well, not only for contractual and noncontractual employees, but administrative personnel such as the superintendent. I am a union/contractual employee and have given many concessions to stay employed.

While the reclassification of St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital to a nonprofit organization will cost a million dollars to the school system, or so it is said, are we really to believe that the average resident of Boardman can make up such a large monetary difference without incurring additional financial burdens? And more important, did the Boardman Township trustees try to do anything to prevent this, or was it beyond their scope? Finally, why are we just hearing about St. Elizabeth’s reclassification now?

In the coming weeks, I will look forward to seeing how the Boardman Local School District deals with this situation.

Chuck Johnson, Boardman

Want better roads? We need US infrastructure plan and higher gas tax

Poor Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti! His brand new roads are starting to pit, buckle and break. He is certain to receive calls about road conditions. But people should put a bit of thought into this. Two weeks ago, we had a high temperature of 62 degrees and a low of minus 10 – within four days. We all felt this dramatic change but our roads felt it more.

These extremes are caused by global warming, which some readers don’t believe in – joining the president.

But if it is, we are only one month into winter and have a long “road” ahead. How about this as an idea? President Donald Trump who does not believe in global warming moves his infrastructure agenda – just in case it is global warming and our bridges and high speed roads really start to buckle and give out and thus stall the American economy.

Mr. Trump could do this if he got focused enough on the American agenda, which does not include squabbling on Twitter with a chubby, punk Korean who is playing Trump like a ukulele. We need leadership that wants to build bridges, roads and airports rather than a self-serving wall.

Going back to Pat Ginnetti, he needs our Ohio legislators, who are hiding in the weeds, to pass a gas-tax increase to maintain our roads. I think a straight-up tax increase on gas to pay for road improvements is a much more transparent way to deal with things rather than a state excise tax on tire replacement – which so many will experience from our globally damaged roads.

Rob Schuler, Youngstown

Trump fancies himself in cult of personality

I recently watched a roundtable of Christian Trump supporters on television reiterate their support for President Donald J. Trump, even though they agree that he lacks many of the Christian values that they espouse.

He is giving them the conservative judges that they hope will strike down Roe vs. Wade. He supports the NRA, America First and extreme nationalism. You could argue that the Christian far right gave him the election.

In Germany and Italy in the 1930s, Hitler and Mussolini were originally elected because the established Christian churches swung their considerable political support to them and continued the support as they became more and more authoritarian, racist and evil. Both Hitler and Mussolini used fascist propaganda – clever repetitive use of the radio, burned and closed down critical newspapers, intimidated any opposition and even killed their opponents. The original democracies to which they were elected were destroyed. It happened gradually because good people turned a blind eye.

I see great parallels with Trump. He tries to discredit all media but his own Fox News. Anything he disagrees with is “fake news.” He intimidates his opponents with his nasty name-calling. He is a racist. We heard a tape of him speak as a sexual predator. He is a con man. He has no respect for the rule of law. He has no moral code.

Hitler and Mussolini were at the center of cults of personality as is Trump.

Is history repeating itself?

Becky Murray, Canfield

Support Scriptures on billboards, marquees

I am writing with regards to a letter you recently received from a writer who was critical of a daily Scripture verse appearing in The Vindicator. I’m sure many of your readers are with me in asking “What better way to use this small allotted space?”

All of us would profit in the studying of God’s Holy Word – the Bible. I have gained more understanding of the Bible by watching “Through the Bible with Les Feldick.” It is a Monday – Friday program on television at 6:30 a.m. I thank the writers of our Constitution for my freedom to worship God, as I’m sure you appreciate freedom of the press.

There’s an old hymn “Stand Up For Jesus”. I think it would be wonderful if supporters of the printing of a daily Scripture verse would e-mail, text, tweet or phone The Vindicator. Also it would be great to see such support on every church marquee. A great visual would be to put it on a public billboard.

Thank you, Vindy, for publishing the daily Bible verse.

Gail Taylor, New Springfield

Victimization definition has been overly politicized

In a traditional defini- tion of the word “victim,” there was always a perpetrator “perp” or an accuser of an offense of a crime.

More recently victims are categorized into disparate groups for political advantage. The perpetrators are those that disagree with “victimized” group agendas. To disagree makes you somehow insensitive or much worse.

If one political party attracts votes from “victims,” the victims then expect preferential treatment from it. Encouraging victims to look continuously to enablers, votes are assured and positive attitudes discouraged. Self-reliance is thwarted.

Requiring actual effort to rise above poverty levels, working (if able) to receive aid, discouraging unwed fatherhood and motherhood and allegiance to American culture and traditional values will reduce victimization and political pandering.

Without individual effort, we become prey to the panderers in search of votes. With effort, all are a part of one great America.

Atty. Carl D. Rafoth, Boardman