Marriage licenses

William D. Weaver, 25, of 1742 Front St., Warren, and Tabatha C. Williams, 36, of same.

Everett D. Wilson, 26, of 5843 Fairlawn Ave., Hubbard, and Nicole L. Vance, 34, of same.

Matthew G. Weiss, 37, of 421 N. St. Clair, Girard, and Jessica M. Palguta, 34, of same.

Justin R. Mayfield, 29, of 106 Kings Drive, Warren, and Shawna M. Lazorchak, 20, of 329 Gillmer Road, Leavittsburg.

Gary L. Crisan, 57, of 46 Washington Ave., Niles, and Heather J. Ramsey, 43, of same.

Joshua A. Newton, 27, of 178 Eastland Ave. SE, Warren, and Stephanie M. Cottrill, 31, of same.

Matthew T. Halula, 29, of 120 Greenbrier Drive, Cortland, and Rochelle Gula, 26, of 8483 Hunters Trail, Warren.

Jonathan E. Lyons, 29, of 2870 Sedgewick St. NE, Warren, and Jessica A. Reid, 27, of 2505 SW 4th Ave., Amarillo, Texas.

Charles A. Termini III, 21, of 15 Alscot Drive, East Lyme, Conn., and Heaven U. Alexander, 21, of 1479 Ohltown-McDonald Road, Mineral Ridge.

Leonard C. Veccia Jr., 34, of 2058, Weir Road NE, Warren, and Jennifer K. Leathem, 33, of same.

Brian K. Womer, 40, of 2373 Edgewater Drive, Cortland, and Karen A. Silas, 39, of same.

Paul E. Petrey, 35, of 1837 Saltway Apt. 3, Espyville, Pa., and Brandy V. Fenton, 40, of 1894 Kinsman Road NW Apt. A, North Bloomfield.

New complaints

Sam Lamancusa v. Brian C. Mann et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Mark Horvath et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. HJCK Enterprises LLC et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. John W. Ellis et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Howard Gary Jr. et al, tax foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Steven D. Tsapos et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Brad D. Morgan et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Cindra S. Dolan et al, foreclosure.

Union Home Mortgage Corp. v. Donald C. Morse et al, foreclosure.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. v. James R. Eberle et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Ronnie C. Frye Sr. et al, foreclosure.

Dr. Nicholas Brennan v. Robin Keels, other civil.

Bank of America NA v. Billy J. Covey, other civil.

Bank of America NA v. Billy J. Covey, other civil.

Bank of America NA v. Giuseppe Ragozzino, other civil.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Bobbu Fritz, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. David E. Wanstreet, other civil.

Conk Florida West LLC et al v. Gary Walczak et al, other civil.

Ally Bank v. Nicholas Singelis II, other civil.

Denita Royster v. Lowe’s Home Centers LLC et al, other civil.

Christine Tarr et al v. Kaitlin Conway et al, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC v. Scott Dunham, other civil.

Crown Asset Management LLC v. Jamie E. Genovese, other civil.

Capital One NA v. Adam M. Barnhart, other civil.

Synchrony Bank v. Henry Snyder, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Rachael A. Winkleman, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Sarah E. Poser, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Laura D. Smith, other civil.

Patricia Brewer et al v. Bell Wick Bowl Inc. et al, other torts.

Linda J. Tomko et al v. Great East Mall Inc. et al, other torts.

Orland L. Ervin et al v. Stephanie J. Potts et al, other torts.

Henry L. Rodgers et al v. Kathy P. Cyhan et al, other torts.

Kimberly E. Doggett v. Jalto Holdings LLC et al, other torts.

Nicole A. McCree v. Spartan Staffing LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Douglas D. Tolley v. Kimberly A. Ross et al, workers’ compensation.

Korey C. McMillan v. Ellwood Engineered Castings Co. et al, workers’ compensation.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Brian H. Conrad, money.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Courtney Grahek et al, money.

Farmers National Bank v. Robbin Williams, money.

Farmers National Bank v. Allan Berquist, money.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA v. Marietta L. Reed, money.

Capital One Bank v. Loretta A. Lewis, money.

H&S Financial Inc. v. Mark A. Phillips, money.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society v. Unknown Heirs et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings and Loan Co. v. Dale J. Fleming, dismissed.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Shirlene L. Hill et al, dismissed.

Peter Kramer et al v. Charles Fortine et al, dismissed.

Rosemarie Taylor et al v. Benjamin Norman, dismissed.

Home Owners Insurance Co. v. Carolyn Brindley et al, dismissed.

Chemical Bank v. JDH Real Estate Development Inc. et al, dismissed.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v. Nelia D. Hunn, dismissed.

Valerie G. Richmond et al v. Tracey W. Barker et al, dismissed.

Roy Johnson v. Kundel Industries Inc. et al, dismissed.

Kamilah McCall v. Dewayne Eddie, dismissed.

Melena J. Rose v. Leroy Wilfong, dismissed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Charity M. Mendenhall, dismissed.

US Bank NA v. Debra Sebben et al, dismissed.

Kevin J. Trapp v. Ashley M. Trapp, dismissed.

Joy L. Brown v. John C. Barnhart et al, settled.

Global Oil and Gas Services LLC v. Triad Hunter LLC, dismissed.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Marie Cleveland, dismissed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Billy E. Francis, dismissed.

Pamela Lewis-Carpenter v. Christopher A. Dedonato, dismissed.

Carla Lambert v. Matt Moneypenny, dismissed.

Sam Lamancusa v. Shirley M. Prindle et al, dismissed.

Sam Lamancusa v. Peggy Kromar-Cline et al, dismissed.

Dissolutions granted

Jamie L. Redick and Timothy Redick.

Robin M. Hornak and Juanita Manios-Hornak.

Divorces granted

Christina Fordeley v. Mark Fordeley.

Carol A. Gibson v. Dennis G. Gibson.

Amy McFarland v. Christopher R. McFarland.

Donald Goodwin v. Tera A. Goodwin.

Shelley Cole-Monley v. Larry J. Walls.

Pamela J. Jones v. Patrick M. Jones.

Carleen D. Dutton v. Daniel D. Dutton.

David R. Moore v. Jessica McKecknie.

Josie Marshall-Davis v. Carl T. Davis.

Carl Smith v. Donna Smith.

Dissolutions Asked

Cheryl Miller and Robert Miller.

James D. McQueen and Tara J. Carano.

Bruce E. Hoag and Treadeen A. Hoag.

Donald S. Coley and Rachelle L. Coley.

Divorces Asked

Nancy J. Prox v. Larry M. Prox.

Kamau Juma Thornton v. Carla Thornton.

Warren L. Clay v. Lacresha V. McCollough.

Michelle L. Garbrandt v. Troy A. Garbrandt.

columbiana county

new cases

Lorie Smalley v. Greg McDaniel, money.

Progressive Insurance v. Chase Crallie, personal injury.

Richard Bissell v. Lawrence Beagle, personal injury.

dissolutions asked

Jodi Burbick, of 41237 Miller Road, Leetonia, and Thomas Burbick, of 81 Ray Ave., Columbiana.

dissolutions granted

Autumn Cadonic and Daniel Stulpin.

Christine Moore and Tommy Moore.

divorces asked

William Emplit, of 23008 North St., Homeworth v. Stacy, of 8898 W. Pine Lake Road, Salem.

divorces granted

Anton Garzanich v. Keri Garzanich.


Marriage licenses

Jeremy A. Ferline, 22, of 62 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown, and Veritta N. Johnson, 24, of same.

Stelianos N. Frangopoulos, 39, of 3973 Via Siena, Poland, and Katina Pilatou, 23, of same.

John P. Blinsky, 43, of 3903 Dunbar, Austintown, and Sonia S. Fizet, 42, of 2612 Birchwood Drive, Austintown.

Richard E. Frondorf, 48, of 166 Kleber Ave., Austintown, and Sarina J. Plummer, 37, of same.

Adrien Crochette, 29, of 14746 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, and Jessie Keeler, 26, of same.

Mark S. Emery, 43, of 2339 Lyndon Drive, Uniontown, and Dana E. Veneskey, 44, of 2235 Ridgelawn Ave., Youngstown.

Scott T. Ratkowski, 33, of 27 Jamestown Court, Austintown, and Taylor R. White, 28, of same.

Joshua G. Alexander, 27, of 3933 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Racheal E. Pesa, 30, of same.

Jeffrey R. Mounts, 52, of Youngstown, and Sarah B. Hall, 34, of Youngstown.

Joseph G. Pavlanksy, 37, of Campbell, and Antonietta D. Iacobacci, 44, of Campbell.

James A. Cheff, 28, of 3896 Ascot Court, Youngstown, and Sarah M. Mohn, 28, of same.

Marc E. Roessler, 46, of 14330 N. Egypt Road, Salem, and Kimberly S. Hardy, 48, of same.

Divorces asked

Paul A. Freedy, of 4372 Lumont Ave., Canfield v. Erika R. Freedy, of same.

Dara M. Walker, of 350 Early Road, Youngstown v. Wesley T. Howell, of 1151 Donation St., Youngstown.

Susana Angel, of 7474 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown v. Ignacio Angel, of 137 Burlington Oval Drive, Chardon.

Ronald D. Hellman Jr., of 3701 Irma Ave., Youngstown v. Jessica M. Huff, of 110 Fifth Ave., Youngstown.

Nancy M. Ellis-Mikos, of 150 Woodland Drive, Canfield v. John D. Mikos, of same.

Harold L. Conder, of 14866 Kibler Road, New Springfield v. Susan G. Conder, of 1602 Grove Ave., New Castle, Pa.

Erin Foster, of 116 Lapeer Drive, Beaver Falls, Pa. v. Jason Foster, of 14755 Macklin Road, New Middletown.

Jon L. Walters Jr., of 7415 Cobblers Run, Poland v. Ronda L. Walters, of same.

Dissolutions asked

Kelli A. Dickey, of 1285 Valley View Drive, Youngstown, and William E. Dickey, of 7059 West Blvd. Apt. 233, Youngstown.

Reana Underwood, of 420 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, and Elliot Underwood, of 4164 New Road, Youngstown.

Carl Pasquale, of 1645 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, and Paulette Pasquale, of 7632 Huntington Drive, Youngstown.

Lori O’Heren, of 8040 Aquadale Drive, Youngstown, and Ricky Kurth, of 75 Mayflower Drive Apt. 6, Youngstown.

LaToya Jackson, of 753 Sherwood Ave., Youngstown, and Michael Jackson, of 1507 Forestview Drive, Youngstown.

New complaints

Bank of America NA v. David E. Vasilchek, other civil.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Aames Funding Corp. et al, declaratory judgment.

Mary Henry v. Youngstown Ohio Hospital Co. LLC et al, notice of appeal.

Beth Rennie-Singer v. FCA US LLC, jury demand.

Stacey M. Miller v. Poland Veterinary Center et al, personal injury.

Razor Capital LLC v. John Sandfrey, money.

Edward E. Seidel III v. Meridian Arms Living Center et al, petition to obtain discovery.

Wendy Graham v. Jimmy D. Enterprises LLC, complaint.

Prestige Financial Services Inc. v. Robert E. Simmons III, other civil.

Lightning Rod Mutual Insurance Co. v. Pamela Chise et al, money.

Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. v. Curtis C. Tuttle, money.

Ally Financial Inc. v. Marquis D. Williams, money.

Cynthia Kee v. Youngstown Developmental Center et al, workers’ compensation.

F. Banks v. Daemonte Sims, jury demand.

Madeline L. Burke v. BLCC Inc. et al, notice of appeal.

Gerald W. Moon et al v. Lenore Bills et al, other torts.

Nichole Augusta v. Marc S. Stein et al, legal malpractice.

J. Kevin Miller v. Kyle E. Kaiser et al, breach of contract.

US Bank National Association v. Mary E. McDonnell et al, foreclosure.

JH Portfolio Debt Equities LLC v. Anthony Grogan, money.

Xuyen Nguyen v. Brandon B. Ray et al, personal injury.

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