Youngstown Clothing Co. promotes city pride

YOUNGSTOWN — Matt McClure has a lot of pride for Youngstown. It’s his home, and he wants to show it off – especially now since life took him outside of the area for work.

The pride is what led the 36-year-old entrepreneur to start Youngstown Clothing Co., a T-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie and other apparel company with Youngstown flavor, in 2015.

“I knew that because sometimes people are from here and life takes them other places, and I thought there was potential for a business,” McClure said. “I just kind of started doing it on the side but with the hopes of turning it to my full-time job. I just took a risk in the beginning and put up a website with a couple of designs.”

Some of the first designs included a “City of Champions” print with boxing gloves to recognize the city’s rich boxing history and a “Yohio print.” Later, McClure revamped some of the old logos of Youngstown high schools Rayen, Chaney and East.

“I just made an idea board of all the cool [Youngstown] things,” McClure said. “I loved growing up here. I knew I loved it. I didn’t realize it until I left. I missed it.”

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