Marriage licenses

David E. Phelan, 31, of 1244 Shields Road, Youngstown, and Carlee R. Fleeson, 25, of 17227 Woodside Drive, Ambridge, Pa.

Charles B. Bell, 54, of 560 S. Hazelwood, Youngstown, and Linda L. Hall, 58, of same.

Divorces asked

Angela M. Susany, of 343 Oak St., Canfield v. Jeffrey M. Susany, of 8554 Glenwood Ave., Boardman.

Jasmine L. Knutti, of 981 Westport Drive, Youngstown v. William B. Knutti, of 1320 Cedarwood Drive, Mineral Ridge.

Barbara M. Biebe-Hileman, of 1427 Doncaster Drive, Youngstown v. Curt E. Hileman, of 792 Porter Ave., Campbell.

Thomas B. Pearson, 5433 Shields Road, Canfield v. Cheryl L. Pearson, of same.

Stephanie M. Richendollar, of 517 Wilkinson Ave., Youngstown v. Louis D. Richendollar, of same.

Anita Hobbs, of 1651 Stewart Ave., Youngstown, v. Derrick Patterson, of 1061 Eastway Drive, Youngstown.

Cindy M. Hunt, of 25 Charles Ave., Boardman v. Richard S. Hunt, of 19 Poland Ave., Struthers.

Latoya S. McNutt, 250 Russo Drive, Canfield v. Richard K. McNutt Jr., of 577 Fifth Ave., Youngstown.

Phelicia Hickman, of 168 Portland Ave., Youngstown v. Jonathan Miles, of PO Box 1461, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Jessica L. Romeo, of 11415 Market St., North Lima v. Anthony M. Romeo, of 781 Kiwana Drive, Boardman.

Arlene E. Charles-Woodard, confidential address v. Nathan P. Woodard, of 1960 Stewart Ave., Youngstown.

Dissolutions asked

Carmen E. Maze, of 8470 Summerland Trail, Poland, and Brian D. Maze, of 912 Glyn Evans Court, Newark.

David Larson, of 659 Elm St., Struthers, and Candis Larson, of 3883 Timothy Lane, Youngstown.

Harold E. Brown Jr., of 4204 Claridge, Youngstown, and Dorothy Childers, of 3036 Hamman, Youngstown.

Micharl L. Black, of 6615 Clingan Road Suite A, Poland, and Lisa M. Black, of 8024 Meadowbrooke Trail, Poland.

Steve R. Inglis, of 45 S. Yorkshire, Youngstown, and Marsha Smith-Inglis, of 221 Morse St., Niles.


Advanced Recycling Systems Inc. v. National Trailer Services et al, order of magistrate.

Farmers National Insurance v. Rufus Lee, default judgment.

Liberty USA Inc. v. MCDXXV LLC et al, default judgment.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Charles W. Chalker, default judgment.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Raquel E. Setzer, default judgment.

Marisa Milone v. Sarah Morrison et al, order of magistrate.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Orlando Carabbia et al, order of magistrate.

Christopher A. Bush v. Cierra M. Vassallo et al, judgment entered.

James W. Slater v. Assumption Village et al, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Gaye L. Dunkel et al, dismissed.

Bank of America NA v. Kimberly C. Crawl et al, dismissed.

Roger Donell Jr. v. Guy Perry, dismissed.

State v. Kyle Gump, pleads guilty; sentenced.

State v. Maralyn M. Greene, sentenced.

State v. Marques White, sentenced.

State v. Willie Duck III, sentenced.

State v. Junior Blair, sentenced.

State v. Angelle Schneider, sentenced.

State v. Craig J. Stevens, sentenced.

State v. Latonia Lake, sentenced.

State v. Tony Kanalli, sentenced.

State v. Thomas E. Moore Jr., count 2 dismissed; pleads guilty; sentenced.

State v. Marques L. White, pleads guilty.

State v. James Dawson, pleads guilty.

Lashonna Shakoor et al v. VXI Global Sollutions Inc., order of magistrate.

Warner Management Co. LTD v. David Varley et al, order of magistrate.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 v. Larry A. Nelson et al, order of magistrate.

Robert N. Farinacci v. First Energy Corp. et al, order of magistrate.

Phillip Iannucci v. Thomas B. Dolly et al, settled and dismissed.

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