LETTERS: Sen. Brown: Trump must act fast on steel dumping

The Vindicator is exactly right — the Trump Administration must act immediately to finally give our steel industry the relief it needs from Chinese cheating ("Trump should act swiftly to curb dumping of steel,"; Feb. 17).

Ohio steelworkers don't need another report to know they’ve been losing their jobs to Chinese steel dumping for years now.

Recently, I urged the president in person to take strong, comprehensive action to address China’s excess capacity and protect Ohio’s steel jobs.

Now that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s report confirms what Ohio companies have said for years, the time for delay is over.

The president must act now to stop trade cheaters from undermining our steel companies and our steelworkers, before another plant idles or shuts its doors.

Sherrod Brown, Cleveland

Democrat Sherrod Brown is Ohio's senior U.S. senator.