For the Week of Sunday, February 25, 2018

Published: Sun, February 25, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m.

US Bank National Association to 760 Mahoning LLC, N. Maryland, Youngstown, $6,000.

RV Holdings Three LLC to Marcos M. Garcia-Caban, Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, $7,000.

Narrow Road LLC to Edward W. Gorda II et al, Shields Road, Boardman, $145,000.

Catherine Paolucci to Kristen I. Gabriel, White Oak Court, Canfield, $241,000.

David J. Leonard et al to Shirley L. Mike, Applecrest Drive, Boardman, $70,000.

Steel Valley Properties LLC to The Myriam Frances Moureni Trust, Lincoln Ave., Struthers, $34,501.

Jeanette D. Garvey to William E. Burns, Springfield Road No 1202, Poland, $174,000.

Robert M. Klucher to Robert L. Barnett et al, Ambert St., Youngstown, $34,000.

Matthew D. Huston et al to Germin D. Paredes-Huerta et al, Mapleridge Drive, Boardman, $149,000.

Anthony M. Gentile to Michael A. Barone Sr., Overlook Blvd., Struthers, $28,000.

Susan M. Morgione to Keith M. Kunz et al, W. Middletown Road, Columbiana, $410,000.

Thomas S. McKinney to James Giovino et al, Cascade Drive, Youngstown, $46,000.

Diane R. Keshock to Earl Tracy et al, Sheffield Drive, Austintown, $123,000.

T. Southland Crossing OH LLC to 1300 Doral Drive WalMart LLC, Doral Drive, Boardman, $6,000,000.

Dan E. Kovalik to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $21,000.

DiCioccio Construction LTD to Edmund J. Szczesny et al, That’s Life Lane, Canfield, $80,000.

DiCioccio Construction LTD to Andrew Scarmack et al, My Way, Canfield, $55,000.

PCMT Inc. to Carl A. Clay, Hickory Lane, Youngstown, $172,500.

Gregory G. Brown to Anthony Spencer, Mathews Road, Boardman, $105,000.

John R. Grover et al to Joseph M. Morales, Signature Circle, Austintown, $164,000.

Cody G. Moyer et al to April L. Bracy, N. Yorkshire Blvd., Austintown, $67,000.

US Bank National Association to Sharon Hendricks, Lisbon Road, Salem, $82,425.

Empiria Home Inc. to First Wall Street Realty, Donation Ave., Youngstown, $4,650.

DayMark Trustee LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $85,000.

CKONIO LLC to Elite Property Pros RS International Inc., Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, $15,500.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Denise M. Houston, Edwards St., Youngstown, $25,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal to Lorraine Richards, Edwards St., Youngstown, $25,000.

Selene Finance LP to Tim Meehan, Woodworth Road, North Lima, $27,500.

Bank of America NA to Richard I Williams Jr. et al, S. 14th St., Sebring, $54,000.

Georgieann Martinko to Michael A. DiTosto et al, Elerben St., Youngstown, $37,000.

Isaac L. Smith to Veres Venture Real Estate LLC, Centervale Ave., Boardman, $70,000.

Struyk Dollar OH LLC to Steel Town LLC, Market St., Youngstown, $100,000.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Stephen Scott, North Heights Ave., Youngstown, $11,000.

Bruner Land Co. Inc. to Ronald H. Malmfeldt et al, N. Palmyra Road, Canfield, $49,200.

Diana Berringer to Adamizack Group LTD, Bennington Ave., Youngstown, $7,000.

Kenneth A. Staats et al to Russel Custer, N. Arrowhead Bay Drive No. 7-3, Columbiana, $4,500.

Gertrude L. Baldwin et al to Lovetta Cencia, N. Main St., Poland, $160,000.

Georgette L. Daty to FJA Developers Inc., Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $185,100.

US Bank National Association to 750 Mahoning LLC, Kenneth St., Youngstown, $115,000.

Heather A. Scott to Lawrence Dunnmire et al, Vollmer Drive, Youngstown, $149,000.

Richard C. Brungard Jr. et al to Robert J. Sierdoval et al, Middletown Road E, New Middletown, $120,000.

Denise O. Muslovski to D. Scott Katsoras, Unity Road, New Middletown, $550,000.

William Dorbish to Georgette L. Doty, Runnemede Drive, Boardman, $105,000.

Thomas J. Bode et al to Joy A. Lukanec, Sable Court, Boardman, $136,500.

APL Properties LLC to Kathleen Cope, Back Bay, Columbiana, $60,000.

James Manuel to Edward Deitsch, New York Ave., Youngstown, $1,000.

Michael E. Laffey III et al to John Q. Miller, Sheldon Ave., Boardman, $95,000.

Frank M. Thomas Jr. to Janica L. Powers et al, E. Garfield Road, New Springfield, $75,000.

David W. LaRosa et al to Thomas J. Bode et al, Stadler Ave., Boardman, $75,000.

Rosanne Danda to Rinny Chand, Helena Ave., Youngstown, $12,000.

Justin R. Borker to Timothy R. Young et al, Amberly St., Austintown, $66,900.

Timothy A. Norris et al to Daniel K. Barkley et al, Sycamore Hill, New Middletown, $235,000.

Hayley Meronen et al to Bradley L. Wallen et al, Poland Manor, Poland, $130,000.

Mary F. Bachani to Medeiros Investments LLC, Detroit Ave., Youngstown, $27,000.

Ward D. Campbell et al to Frank VanPelt et al, S. Duck Creed Road, North Jackson, $30,000.

Karen E. Anderson to Casey O. Higgins et al, Oregon Ave., Sebring, $74,900.

James D. Gahagan Sr. et al to Jared D. Wert, Ayrshire Drive, Austintown, $113,000.

Matthew C. Hofus et al to Joseph J. Carroll, et al, Shadow Oak Drive, Austintown, $159,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to HGT LLC, Royal Oak Circle, Sebring, $64,000.

Roberta L. Timko-Lockhart MD to Matthew A. Schobert, W. Wilson St., Struthers, $56,000.

Billy R. Story Jr. to Matthew C. Hofus et al, Emerald Court, Canfield, $248,000.

Patrick M. Moran et al to Eugene A. McClafferty et al, St. Angela Place, Canfield, $310,000.

Mary Ann C. Baluck to Daniel C. Gossard, Nesbitt St., Poland, $187,000.

US Bank National Association to Edward M. Kershaw, Eldora Drive, Youngstown, $28,400.

June D. Uler to Donald A. Crowley et al, Cover Drive, Poland, $139,000.

Laszlo Polgar et al to Randall J. Wolfe, Bendemeer, Poland, $115,000.

Raymond A. Wagner Jr. to Stephen R. Sayre et al, Kiwana Drive, Boardman, $140,000.

Golden Investment LP to Elite Property Pros R/S International Inc., Parkcliffe Ave., Youngstown, $13,750.

James J. Rutana et al to JTB Homes LLC, Mathews Road, Poland, $185,000.

Kathy L. McCarthy et al to William F. Ross et al, Eastwind Place, Austintown, $199,950.

Phyllis R. Niemi to Donald J. Niemi III, Bel Aire Lane, Youngstown, $51,000.

John B. Banks et al to John C. Speece, Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, $25,100.

John B. Banks et al to John C. Speece, Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, $32,900.

Mary Ann Davis et al to John F. Matisi, E. McGaffney St., Lowellville, $55,000.

Bruce A. Rigelsky to Alan A. Daniels et al, Applewood Drive, Boardman, $135,000.

Patricia A. Fehr to Daniel H. Johnson et al, Parkside Circle, Canfield, $135,000.

First Second Properties LLC to Gerard T. Kirk et al, E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Kristina L. Flevares to Grant M. Stoner et al, S. Cadillac Drive, Boardman, $105,000.

Gregory D. Crissman et al to Kelly A. Slagle, Forest Hill Ave., Poland, $124,000.

Debra A. Hornick to Ariza Binti CheAgus et al, Campbell St., Youngstown, $17,500.

Alyscam LLC to Jose Sanchez Jr., Summerland Trail, Poland, $277,500.

Paul Melia et al to Kevin J. Pontius Sr., Bay Meadow Court, Austintown, $198,000.

Joshua D. Hartman et al to Paul Melia et al, Willowcrest Ave., Austintown, $108,000.

Teresita Corpus to Baywinds Management LLC, Florida Ave., Youngstown, $14,000.

Baywinds Management LLC to GMC Property Partners LP, Florida Ave., Youngstown, $27,000.

Diane Zimmerman et al to Sallie Ware, Glen Oaks Drive, Youngstown, $67,000.

US Bank NA to Shadetree Holdings LLC, Sequoya Drive, Boardman, $30,200.

Marton J. Cleary et al to Ronald B. Perron, Spring Lake Lane, Canfield, $230,000.


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