LETTERS: Restrict assault weapons for use only by military

Per our president, Donald J. Trump, the solution to automatic weapons seems to be arm the teachers with guns. We'll even give them a bonus if they are willing to take the classes and get their licenses. What an idiotic idea.

The solution isn't more guns; it's less. Too bad we don't give the teachers more money for teaching our children to read and write.

Are they locking the guns in a safe? Carrying them on their hip? Putting them in an unlocked drawer in their desk? Lots of questions with no answers. Who is going to pay for the possible accidental shooting of an innocent person during an incident in a school? The children? The teachers? The school board? Will the teacher be able to actually kill another human?

The NRA, on the other hand, doesn't even want the minimum age to be changed to 21 instead of 18. That makes sense for the gun manufacturers. If you raise the age requirement, they'll sell a lot fewer weapons.

The only sane solution, which is to allow automatic weapons for military use only, seems to be too hard to accept or to figure out by most of those in Congress.

Do we love our children more than we love our guns? Answer that question by the way you vote. Do the right thing, the only thing; vote for our children.

Darlene Torday, Berlin Center

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