Guns are only part of equation in shootings

What have we become as a society when we fail to protect our most vulnerable – our children?

In the aftermath of another school shooting we blame guns – but guns are only part of the equation. Our solutions are to allow anyone to carry a gun – guns in school, guns in the pockets, purses, and holders of all people. No prayer in school – just more guns. No restrictions on the violence in our movies, our video games, our internet.

We have to start somewhere. Restrict weapons, monitor our movies and television programs that are available to our impressionable children and people with mental issues.

Our society has become an unregulated cesspool. We elect a president who blatantly encourages violence, incivility and greed. We are held hostage by the American Civil Liberties Union, the gun lobbies and any other minority that has a problem with our values and ideals.

We need leaders who will advocate for their people, not just their party, and who won’t be bought by lobbyists.

Mothers, become more politically involved. Vote, advocate for politicians who will stand up for our values. We are the majority. Will you be the one who says – enough?

Mary Ellen Hritz, Boardman

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