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Neighbors | Zack Shively.The "Show Me the Bunny" program took place shortly before the release of the film "Peter Rabbit" to get children excited about the story and program. Among the fun stations present at the program, one let children place their faces in a hole to look like a rabbit. Pictured, Owen Vilicka put his head in the hole for a photo.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Some of the stations at the Show Me the Bunny event had games or activities. Others had crafts, such as the station pictured where children made a bunny face using craft sticks, pipe cleaner, glue and pink cotton balls.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Librarian Jennifer Kuczeck set up a number of stations throughout the room for the children and parents. Each station related back to Peter Rabbit, such as the station pictured, "Dig Through Farmer McGregor's Garden," where the children shifted through fake soil to find carrots.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Librarian Jennifer Kuczeck had a night centered around Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" on Jan. 25. The event, titled "Show Me the Bunny" ran at the Poland library. To begin the program, she read the story to the children at the event.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Two of the stations at the "Show Me the Bunny" program had a more educational tone, including a worksheet with a word search and the station pictured where the children placed magnets on a board under one of two columns, "found in the garden" and "not found in a graden." They paced magnets, such as a tomato, balloons and a vacuum under one of the columns.


An event based on Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit“ occurred at the Poland library on Jan. 25.

Jennifer Kuczeck organized the “Show Me the Bunny“ event to coincide with the release of the children’s film “Peter Rabbit“ on Feb. 9. She gave the children at the program many activities to do during the event.

“Any time you can make an association with literature, it’s good,“ said Kuczeck. She wanted to introduce the story to the children and give them some entertainment.

She began with a reading of Potter’s famous story. After the story, the children went around to different stations based on the story.

Some of the stations had crafts for the children to do. One of the areas had a coloring sheet depicting a picture from the book. Another craft included pipe cleaners, pink cotton balls and craft sticks. The children glued the three together to make a bunny nose and whiskers.

The children played games as well. Kuczeck set up a pin the tail on the rabbit station in the corner of the room. She also made a station called “Dig in Farmer McGregor’s Garden,“ where the children shuffled through faux soil for carrots, like Peter Rabbit did.

The children did a couple educational activities. One table had a magnetic board where children placed magnets in one of two columns, found in the garden and not found in the garden. The magnets included a tomato, peas, balloons and a vacuum. They had another activity where the attendees could do a word search on a worksheet.

Kuczeck had a table of snacks and a photo area where children could place their face in a hole to look like Peter Rabbit. She had another table dedicated to Potter’s life and other works. The children and parents could use a library tablet to scroll through a webpage detailing Potter’s life.

Kuczeck does special events similar to this one throughout the PLYMC. She had a Nutcracker event in December and will have a “Wizard of Oz” event in February at different branches of the PLYMC.

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