Campbell tightens enforcement of water bills, service

By Graig Graziosi


City council approved an amendment to an ordinance that requires residents to keep active water accounts with the city or face fines.

The original ordinance required city residents to have an active account with the water department, but it included no language establishing a punishment for individuals who didn’t abide by the rule.

With the passage of the amendment Wednesday night, residents in violation of the rule will receive a notice on their first violation. At least two weeks from the initial violation they will receive a second violation and will be charged a $200 fine.

At least four weeks from the initial violation, if a resident still isn’t in compliance, they’ll be charged $600, and any violation after that will include a $1,200 fine.

In addition to tightening their water rules, the city cracked down on residents with delinquent water bills this month.

City Administrator Lew Jackson said the water department shut off water to 74 residents who were at least two months delinquent on their bills. Of those 74, 23 water customers paid to have their water turned on the same day it was shut off.

Administrators are requiring water customers to pay in full before restoring their service in an effort to combat the $90,000 in delinquent water bills on the city’s books.

Another round of shut-offs is scheduled for the end of the month, city officials said.

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