Simmons — The door flew open ...

By Pamela Simmons

Drip. Drip. Drip.

As the door from the center flew open, in she walked. Chloe thought to herself, “could this day get anymore stressful” just as Jennifer made her way in a huff toward Jason. Chloe could almost audibly hear the Taylor Swift song playing… “your on the phone with your girlfriend she’s upset, she’s going off about something that you said….” Jennifer was that girl in school that had a date to every dance, fabulous hair, snow-white teeth, the clothes and was drama, drama, drama. Every school had one, and Chloe even years later, still could feel the force forever known as SS Jennifer.”

Of all days, and of all places, and of all people – of course Jennifer had to be the one connected to Jason, her once-a-year blood bank crush!

As Jennifer and her perfect hair approached Jason, he sat up taller, obviously preparing himself for her disapproval, she began to start the song and dance. Jennifer started with “I don’t know why you waste your time” and ended with “Mom needs you to pick up Sophie from the groomer at 3 p.m.!”

Chloe could not believe her ears – this was Jennifer’s brother!? How on earth could Jason be related to that attention-seeking, self-centered, oblivious force known as Jennifer?

Jason looked away, seemingly embarrassed, as his little sister walked away. As much as he loved his little sister, it was always a bit of a tornado when she was around. Hard to believe two people could be raised by the same parents and turn out so differently. Most of the way through medical school, he was happy to contribute to the blood blank when he was back in town on break. Jason knew how important just the tiny gift of blood could be to his pediatric patients in need.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

As the door shut and the “force” known as Jennifer became a memory, Jason thought back to the girl. The girl so different from his little sister. Dark hair, fair skin and pretending to not notice the recent brother-sister highly charged interaction, Jason could only look over, trying to think of anything that would excuse that outburst from his little sis.

Before he could get anything out, Chloe blurted out, “so what kind of dog is Sophie?”

Both burst out laughing. The other donors chuckled too. As the room began to silence again, Jason introduced himself, Chloe did the same.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Wanna know the best first date meal? Cookies and orange juice, which was served at Chloe and Jason’s wedding exactly one year later.

As part of the wedding invitations, the happy couple asked in lieu of gifts, consider making a donation to the blood bank. Knowing that many guests complied per the blood bank director, Jason and Chloe could not have been more happy.

Of course, Jennifer was the maid of honor. Who better to take charge – and credit – for such a happy day!

Who knew such a simple gesture and donation of blood could change so many lives!

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