Policy - Chloe said she remembered him

By Paulette Policy

Drip. Drip. Drip. Chloe thought about the day’s event that set her emotions whirling: visions of Ted calling her at work that morning and telling her they were finished. “My God,” she thought, “he’s breaking up with me on the phone.” She had been dating Ted for five months, thinking the next step to their relationship was getting engaged. Now it was over and all she could do was feel sorry for herself.

As she watched the blood dripping slowly she wondered about the good looking man sitting next to her. This was the same man she saw last year giving blood. Funny, what a strange coincidence that she should see him again?

What was she thinking? She just came out of one relationship that may scar her for heaven knows how long, and here she was thinking about this man next to her. She tried to get a better look at him without allowing him to see just how curious she was. Too late, he saw her and with a smile on his face that could light the streets of New York City, she felt her cheeks flush red with embarrassment.

Before she knew it, he was finished and instead of leaving he made a bee-line to her side.

“Haven’t we met before? It seems like deja vu. I feel like I know you.” Jason smiled, his knees still weak as he looked into her eyes.

Did Chloe really want to admit that she saw him last year giving blood and remembered him, remembered that smile and just how good looking he was?

As he stood in front of her waiting for a reply, Chloe spoke, “I think we saw each other last year, same place, same time, giving blood. Crazy to think it would happen again.”

“I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Some things are meant to be, don’t you agree?” Jason commented.

Chloe was finished and the nurse unhooked her IV. She felt much better thinking her donation would help a person in need.

Jason looked at her and he knew deep down he did not want to say goodbye and chance another brief encounter. He took a long breath and said, “Would you like to go for coffee or some lunch?” Chloe thought long and hard. After her experience with Ted, she did not want to involve herself again and hesitated. But her heart screamed out, take the chance girl, say yes. Chloe told Jason, coffee would be fine.

Across from the hospital there was a small cafe, good coffee and good food. They both agreed to go there to get to know each other.

Sitting across from one another, Jason sipped his coffee while Chloe wrapped her fingers nervously around her hot chocolate. Jason spoke first telling her about his move to be near his parents. They were getting up in age and yes, they needed him. So he left his teaching job at the college in New York and decided to be there for them. That meant moving in with them until he could find another teaching job and a place to live. Jason explained it was a big move and a little depressing.

Jason laughed, “But it seemed to change when I saw you giving blood. My spirits lifted and I said to myself, maybe this is just where I am meant to be.” For the first time she felt at ease. She never felt like this with Ted.

“Now it’s your turn, tell me a little about yourself.” She told him about her morning and how Ted broke it off with her and dreaded the feeling of being alone on Valentine’s Day.” Jason thought about what she said.“We seem to be two lost souls on Valentine’s Day. Let’s say we break all the rules and make a date to keep each other company. What do you think, is it a date?”

Chloe smiled, “It’s a date.” She felt very comfortable with her decision. In the back of her mind she knew that when one door closes another door opens.

Jason knew this would be the first Valentine’s Day with Chloe but not the last.

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