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Pirone - Jason looked sad

Monday, February 12, 2018

By Anita Pirone

Suddenly she was done and the nurse was making small talk, but Chloe wasn’t listening. All she could think about was getting Jason’s attention. She thought he looked sad and blurted out, “You look like you had a rough day.” “I did,” replied Jason, “but I’m trying to B Positive!” Chloe was nervous and tried to think of something to say, but all she managed was, “yeah, it’s good to be positive, I guess. I’ll see you later” and walked out. Chloe instantly realized that she had blown her opportunity. “You idiot!” she screamed at herself. “He was making a joke! And ‘see you later?’ Seriously?” Similarly, Jason regretted his failed attempt at humor and sank into a further depression. “Oh well,” he thought. “What would a beautiful girl like her want with a loser like me? I got demoted, my car’s going to be repossessed, and I’m living with my parents!”

The next few weeks were torturous for Chloe. Several months ago, against her better judgment, she began dating a co-worker who had been clandestinely seeing her best friend. That whole situation exploded the day she gave blood, leaving her without a boyfriend or bestie! But it was the missed opportunity with Jason that weighed most heavily on her mind. How could she feel so strongly for someone she didn’t even know? Maybe she needed to return to therapy for an objective perspective. No. After all, it was her therapist who told her not to start a relationship until she processed the previous one. “Stupid therapist!”

Jason, meanwhile, had settled back into his old bedroom with his mother all too happy to attend to his needs. She ironed and creased his jeans, something he absolutely hated but didn’t have the heart to tell her. Her meals were a welcomed change from fast food, but the lack of privacy, ”who are you texting?” was driving him crazy! His friends kept pressuring him to hang out, but Jason was too depressed, plus he wanted to save money to move out again. With the extra time he now had, Jason’s thoughts were consumed with Chloe. For some reason, he couldn’t get her out of his head. He kept going over that day in his mind, remembering exactly what she was wearing. including her blue socks that matched her shirt. But it was her eyes that attracted him. They were bright green and warm when she looked at him. She could tell he had a rough day! A beautiful girl who was also attentive and giving! She spoke first so she must have been interested in him. Or maybe she was just being polite. No, her eyes were too engaging. There was definitely a mutual attraction. On a whim, he searched Craigslist under “missed connections.” Nothing. Then it hit him. Duh! “I’ll give blood again and maybe I’ll see her there,” he mused. Jason checked his calendar. Only three more weeks to go! Jason’s spirits suddenly lifted and he started counting down the days.

Meanwhile, Chloe was miserable. Seeing her “ex” at work was awkward at best and the relationship with her so-called best friend had turned superficial. Despite her many hobbies and volunteer work, Chloe felt terribly lonely. One evening as she was running in the park with her dog she saw a man running toward her that looked like Jason. Could it be? Her heart started pounding as he slowed down to talk to her. “Excuse me. Do you know what time it is?” he asked. It wasn’t Jason. During the last mile of her run, the thoughts of Jason overwhelmed her. Those piercing blue eyes! Will she ever see him again? OMG! The hospital where she gave blood!

Chloe arrived to give blood exactly two months after the last time and looked for her mystery man. He wasn’t there. “I’m so glad you showed up, Chloe,” the nurse said. “We’ve had a critical patient in ICU the past two days who needs another transfusion and we’re out of AB(-)!” While Chloe was disappointed that she didn’t see Jason, she felt a sense of gratification knowing that she could possibly save someone’s life.

A few days later Chloe received a call from the hospital telling her that the individual whose life she helped save wanted to meet her. When she entered his room, she was stunned to see Jason and he was equally shocked. They stared at each other until Jason finally whispered, “I just knew you were my type.”