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For the Week of Sunday, December 15, 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bryan J. Hicks, to Jerry J. Davis et al, East Ohio Ave., Sebring, $29,700.

Our Nest Egg LLC, to Whitestone Investments LLP, Reed Ave., Campbell, $20,000.

Jill M. Knez, to Noomi Enterprises LLC, Mathews Road, Boardman, $51,000.

Cloy H. Stewart et al, to Paolo J. Riccottilli et al, Palmarie Drive, Poland, $127,600.

David J. Fidram, to Josephine A. Penalosa et al, New Road, Austintown, $60,000.

Jon R. Ulicney et al, to Nicholas R. Ulicney et al, Herbert Road, Canfield, $125,000.

Harold F. Worst et al, to Glenn W. Ray, Columbiana-Canfield Road, Canfield, $256,000.

John R. Jakubek et al, to Anthony J. Garono III, Tippecanoe Place, Canfield, $318,000.

Anthony J. Garono III, to Matthew W. Whiteman, Tippecanoe Place, Canfield, $284,900.

Judith B. Cicconi, to Betty Carter et al, Paradise Ave., Canfield, $147,700.

Kevin M. Boyanowski et al, to Angela M. Small, Redwood Place, Canfield, $245,000.

Mark E. Zidian, to Dawn Coiro et al, E. Parkside Drive, Boardman, $247,500.

Quadland Corp., to Loran Circle et al, Springfield Road, Poland, $215,000.

Anthony Fire et al, to NXT Investment Corp., Poland Ave., Struthers, $13,000.

David L. Young, to Allison Hanscom, Turner Road, Canfield, $87,000.

GIJ Management LLC, to Thomas J. Bachelder, Aylesboro Ave., Boardman, $52,000.

Nathan E. Benner, to Maria D. Santiago Colon, Wilbur Ave., Youngstown, $13,000.

Marilyn Opritza, to Ehsaly Properties LLC, Saginaw Drive, Poland, $100,000.

Bonnie L. Stoops, to Jared M. Kitt, Sheridan Road, Youngstown, $82,000.

Arthur W. Shutrump, to Snapshax LLC, Alburn Drive, Boardman, $56,560.

Angela M. Smesko, to Joseph Guerrieri, Romaine Ave., Boardman, $50,000.

John Annichenni, to Daniel C. Annichenni, Lanterman Road, Youngstown, $200,000.

Edward P. Costello Jr., to Dolores Pizzuto, Mercedes Place, Canfield, $178,000.

M&T Bank, to Guy L. Schooley, Cascade Drive, Youngstown, $23,560.

Huntington National Bank, to Anthony Elmo, Kirk Road, Austintown, $35,000.

William Swanson, to Renee E. Rubesich, Gregory Ave., Youngstown, $56,700.

William Hoover et al, to Mars Property LLC, Park Way, Struthers, $20,000.

John C. Primm et al, to Scott Primm, Mathews Road, Boardman, $90,000.

DayMark Trustee LLC, to CVF III Mortgage Loan Trust II, Woodhurst Drive, Austintown, $57,715.

Scott A. Johnson et al to Brian S. Garrett, Tenth St., Struthers, $63,600.

Norma J. Burnett to Michael J. O’Connor et al, Sandalwood Lane, Austintown, $145,000.

Thelma Ingram to Gloria Rivas, S. Pearl St., Youngstown, $5000.

Reid A. Baker et al to John M. Underwood et al, East Water St., Lowellville, $42,000.

Michael Yochman to L. Andrew Orr et al, Tulane Ave., Austintown, $68,000.

Hunt Investments LLC to Timothy Troncone, Quinn St., Youngstown, $16,500.

Greenheart Companies LLC to Ronald E. Gover et al, E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, $265,700.

William T. Lewis Jr. to 409-415 S. Main St. LLC, S. Main St., Poland, $365,000.

Carmen Neopolitan to Andre L. Steele, E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, $11,500.

Deborah Bailey to Kevin M. Sipes Jr. et al, Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, $147,000.

JoAnn Barron to Debra Sammarone, Brantford Blvd., Youngstown, $101,000.

Carlos A. Martinez et al to Gregory J. Deniro Jr., Main St., Poland, $97,000.

Sheree L. Beyan to James M. Conway, Lockwood Blvd., Boardman, $155,000.

Robert Timms et al to Elise Huziak et al, Sylvia Lane, Boardman, $63,900.

Lora Opsitnik to Terrence D. Daniszewski, Iroquois St., Struthers, $65,000.

Kimberly S. Orofino to Abhishek K. Pirojiwal, Huntington Drive, Boardman, $55,100.

Glen Park Estates LLC, to Kara M. Kovach, Glen Park Road, Boardman, $158,000.

Angelo Family Limited Partnership to Kristen McGuire, Redtail Hawk Drive, Boardman, $87,500.

FOREXBOXUSD LLC to Hla Than Wai, E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, $85,000.

Lee Snelson et al to David K. Teeple, Pine Drive, Lake Milton, $145,911.

John R. Agnew et al to Charles M. Beckett et al, N. 21st St., Sebring, $30,000.

Randolph Ballard Jr. to Andres M.M. Colon, Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, $2,900.

Joseph K. Slattery to Natalia L. Foster et al, W. Middletown Road, Canfield, $175,000.

Matthew Oles Jr. et al to Charles M. Farrell et al, Timberbrook Drive, Canfield, $175,000.

John T. Frank et al to GEC 77 LLC, South Ave., Youngstown, $61,500.

Dallas Root to Teresa Lyons et al, London Drive, Austintown, $133,000.

Walter J. Vrabel et al to Heather Hrelec et al, Sanderson Ave., Campbell, $91,900.

Michael A. Pernotto et al to Jacob D. Montini et al, Saint Andrews Court, Canfield, $164,000.

Carmen S. Conglose to Bestest Inc., Bernadette Drive, Youngstown, $76,500.

Madison-Conner Properties LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, Zedaker St., Youngstown, $28,000.

Funtulis Property Group LLC to PMD Properties LLC, Zedaker St., Youngstown, $36,000.

Anthony L. Worrettia to TAG Resources LLC, East Boston Ave., Youngstown, $13,000.

Daniel A. McEvoy to Funtulis Property Group LLC, Valerie Drive, Youngstown, $29,000.

Funtulis Property Group LLC to LA Works LLC, Valerie Drive, Youngstown, $36,000.

Classical Estates LLC to Travis G. Sheridan, Cider Hill Crossing, Austintown, $220,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., to William E. Klase, S. Edgehill Ave., Youngstown, $32,500.

YPR Realty Co. to Animal LLC, Youngstown-Poland Road, Struthers, $200,000.

Hard Limit Holdings LLC et al to Marvin W. Frederick et al, 12th St., Sebring, $79,900.

Phyllis L. Densmore to Sandrea P. Dayton, 5th St., Beloit, $20,000.

Associated Realty to Gen-Con Construction Inc., E. Ohio Ave., Sebring, $6500.

Mark R. Witmer et al to Joshua A. Lehman et al, Green Beaver Road, Columbiana, $228,000.

Rose M. Docompo et al to Lance Gillam, N. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, $17,000.

Jonathan Zyznar to Michael W. Garrison et al, N. Main St., Poland, $93,175.

Jeffrey L. Sontag et al to David Bidinotto, Highland Ave., Poland, $55,000.

Sean R. Kail to Lora DiGiacomo, Forest Hill Drive, Youngstown, $37,500.

WLG Properties LLC to Tangier Express Inc., Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, $15,259.

WLG Properties LLC, to Adela Global, LaClede Court, Youngstown, $16,750.

DiCioccio Construction to Sally P. Pagano, Bella Jean, Canfield, $55,000.

DiCioccio Construction to Theodore R. Miller et al, My Way, Canfield, $303,000.

DiCioccio Construction to Ricky Polinori et al, My Way, Canfield, $55,000.