For the Week of Sunday, December 2, 2018

Published: Sun, December 2, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m.

Eileen Lewis to James Derry et al, Grays Run Road, Lowellville, $179,775.

Robert Harvey to Mahmoud Kassem et al, Spring Street, Struthers, $8,000.

New Heights South LLC to Eros 74 Investments LLC, First Street, Youngstown, $17,000.

Robert J. Cross et al to Christopher S. Whitney, Yorkshire Boulevard, Youngstown, $43,955.

Green Hill LLC to Stephen Bray et al, Fairview Avenue, Campbell, $23,000.

Zachary D. Struhavik et al to Anthony J. Grenga et al, Radcliffe Pass, Columbiana, $400,000.

Thomas O. Jones to Heather L. Brownlie, Stratmore Avenue, Youngstown, $68,500.

Rhonda G. Luther Toth to Robert Wolfe, Sprucewood Drive, Austintown, $127,500.

Donna Santoro to Kyle R. Marshall, Stratford Green Drive, Canfield, $91,775.

Edward Mitchell et al to MMMM Good Life LLC, Greeley Lane, Youngstown, $32,000.

Richard J. Colton to Gene A. Mah et al, North Brockway Avenue, Youngstown, $13,500.

Tina Gettemy to Steven D. Derr, Meadowbrook Avenue, Youngstown, $71,000.

Kevin M. Radke to Terry D. Houghton, Red Apple Drive, Austintown, $105,000.

M&T Bank to David A. Wild, West Manor Avenue, Youngstown, $43,500.

Geraldine Czopor to Amit Hasan, Coitsville Road, Campbell, $34,000.

Michael E. Masich to Martin P. Solomon et al, Center Street, Struthers, $55,000.

Brenda S. Hoover et al to Eyad Ali, Timberbrook Drive, Youngstown, $109,010.

Raymond M. Delost et al to Mahmoud Kassem et al, Center Street, Struthers, $45,000.

Harold E. Schisler et al to Robert Casey et al, 42nd Street, Canfield, $178,000.

Jean M. Jevesok Estate to Stephanie L. Clark, Summit Drive, Canfield, $164,000.

John A. Conti et al to Christine S. Duster et al, Wildwood Drive, Boardman, $120,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to HDN Dynasty LLC, Notre Dame Avenue, Youngstown, $52,638.

John D. Mosconi et al to Randall Sweet, Loma Vista Drive, Youngstown, $81,000.

Anthony J.DiLoreto to Mark Yemma, Tam O Shanter Drive, Poland, $65,000.

Kenneth Rayner Sr. et al to Keon Leverette, Blossom Avenue, Campbell, $67,250.

Suzanne D. Eich to David T. Wolfe et al, Clingan Road, Poland, $240,000.

James A. Metzinger to Donald Carpenter, Pine Shadow Court, Mineral Ridge, $12,000.

Mary A. Fedor to James V. Csernik et al, Heatherbrae Drive, Youngstown, $170,000.

William J. Barnett to James Gromadd et al, Birch Trace Drive, Austintown, $142,500.

Jason A. Kamerer et al to Patrick J. McClone, Artmar Drive, Austintown, $110,000.

Barbara A. Johnson to DAV Real Estate LLC, Aylesboro Avenue, Youngstown, $70,000.

Steve Cooper et al to Kyle G. Cunningham, Birchwood Drive, Austintown, $115,000.

Malin L. Peters to Daniel J. Johntony, North Four Mile Run Road, Youngstown, $80,000.


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