Marchionda responds to indictment

YOUNGSTOWN — Downtown developer Dominic Marchionda issued a response today to a superseding indictment against him and a dozen of his affiliated companies.

The written statement from his attorney, John F. McCaffrey, called Thursday’s superseding indictment “a rehashing of many of the same allegations contained in the indictment returned 11 months earlier.

"Dominic Marchionda believes in the rebirth of downtown Youngstown. He has demonstrated that belief through the many successful development projects completed to date. He has taken abandoned, dilapidated buildings in downtown Youngstown and restored them to their former glory for modern day use. These development projects have been a catalyst for the vibrant resurgence of downtown Youngstown, the creation of high paying construction jobs and permanent positions for the downtown community. He has risked a great deal, personally and professionally, in pursuing his vision for the rebirth of Youngstown.”

McCaffrey added: “Nearly one year ago, Mr. Marchionda rejected the state’s characterizations of his work to re-develop downtown Youngstown. Today, as then, Mr. Marchionda rejects the state’s characterizations. He wishes to defend his years of development work with evidence in a court of law, not as fodder in a politician’s election.”

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