marriage licenses

Sharesse L. Jacobs, 43, of Cleveland, and Steve J. Cottrell, 35, of Leavittsburg.

Brittany R. Morrow, 29, of Akron, and Jermaine C. Baker, 35, of Leavittsburg.

Terrell Q. Wright, 36, of Leavittsburg, and Natasha V. Craig, 34, of Akron.

Theodore B. Russell, 46, of Leavittsburg, and Keely R. Dukes, 45, of Brook Park.

Charles A. Roebuck, 49, of Mineral Ridge, and Agnieszua D. Bartosiewicz, 34, of same.

Grant S. Mitchell, 27, of Vienna, and Kenyatta S. Robinson, 33, of same.

Keith R. Cogar, 26, of Ankeny, Iowa, and Katrina L. Schutz, 22, of same.

Concetta M. Carameli, 26, of Warren, and Tristen W. Kaso, 27, of same.

Jessica M. Kempf, 25, of Warren, and Vincent J. Scialabba, 23, of same.

Kaitlynn N. Kriek, 24, of Niles, and Michael A. Peterson, 28, of same.

Jessica M. Grimm, 28, of Southington, and Ryan P. McElroy, 28, of same.

Martin M. Miller, 24, of Middlefield, and Laura S. Weaver, 22, of same.

Bryan P. Whitaker, 28, of Boardman, and Elizabeth Gilmour, 30, of Warren.

Lauren M. Perry, 27, of Struthers, and Cassandra J. Michael, 25, of Warren.

Michael P. Arnal, 41, of Cortland, and Erin E. Wajda, 36, of Cortland.

Tristen J. Spina, 21, of McDonald, and Alexus R. Crown, 19, of Girard.

Branden A. Bacon, 30, of Kinsman, and Chelsea R. Cary, 25, of Transfer.

Bryan L. Wheelock, 37, of Bristolville, and Amy J. Jones, 34, of same.

Robert P. Holt, 65, of Warren, and Kimberly K. List, 49, of same.

Donald J. King, 59, of Cortland, and Cari J. Koniowsky, 54, of Hubbard.

Nicolene G. Dovellos, 27, of Vienna, and James T. Wilden, 27, of same.

Steven L. Lemley, 32, of Austintown, and Candice M. Thomas, 31, of Warren.

Kayla M. Plant, 23, of Girard, and Tyler J.W. Talley, 24, of same.

Marshon A. McCollum, no age listed, of Warren, and Qarun M. Warfield, 45, of same.

Jason R. Buzzeo, 26, of Masury, and Casey M. Hough, 24, of same.

Aubreeana S.L. Duncan, 21, of Bristolville, and Jeffrey A. Bailes, 24, of Farmdale.

John D. McKelvey, 23, of Masury, and Sarah E. Ripper, 22, of same.

Joseph W. McGaughey, 35, of Masury, and Danielle M. Weaver, 37, of same.

Frances A. Amicone, 28, of Youngstown, and Jacob M. Toth, 21, of Warren.

Matthew M. Borner, 24, of Warren, and Mercedes L. Lebo, 22, of same.

Mark B. Fischer, 24, of Cortland, and Caitlyn S. Enlow, 22, of same.

John P. Greaver, 44, and Jennifer L. Enyeart, 39, of Hubbard.

Matthew C. Higinbothem, 40, of Warren, and Lisa M. Lagese, 46, of same.

Jeremy F. Cromley, 35, of Cortland, and Ashley M. Clute, 32, of Newton Falls.

Corinne D. Sexton, 28, of Warren, and Daniel E. Wickham, 28, of same.

Cain M. Dando, 24, of Niles, and Erin K. Kiraly, 23, of same.

Eden F. Hummel, 29, of North Huntington, Pa., and Chris E. Harris, 33, of same.

Cheyenne M. McLewis, 21, of Kinsman, and Kaleb M. Botts, 22, of Spring Lake, N.C.

Peter E. Papas, 62, of Mineral Ridge, and Connie S. Utley, 54, of same.

Thomas J. Wiesen II, 27, of Sharpsville, Pa., and Elyssa L. Baker, 24, of Mercer, Pa.

Eric L. Warner, 32, of Warren, and Britany A. Warner, 32, of same.

Samuel R. Burkholder, 24, of Orwell, and Amanda E. Troyer,22, of Middlefield.

Cody A. Marshall, 22, of Fowler, and Elizabeth N. Emery, 21, of same.

Leroy J. Krause, 30, of Warren, and April D. Gridley, 33, of same.

Kai W. Hunter, 25, of Warren, and Stephanie M. Gotti, 23, of Niles.

Anthony J. Devitz, 44, of Brookfield, and Shannon L. Hanley, 36, of same.

Timothy A. Horton Jr., 40, of Warren, and Julia L. Kuhn, 35, of same.

Cody D. Sloan, 27, of Mercer, Pa., and Emily B. Marburger, 26, of Niles.

Daniel L. Hall, 31, of Niles, and Mary G. P. Verosa, 30, of same.

Kevin C. Fraser, 57, address confidential, and Kathy L. Hendricks, 60, of Warren.

Justin L. Smith, 31, of Warren, and Jennifer C. Ulam, 26, of Cortland.

Michael W. Molnar, 32, address confidential, and Ashley M. Baillie, 30, of Warren.

Justin D. Shrader, 38, of Fowler, and Megan Daley, 39, of same.

Joseph A. Manonis,27, of Berlin Center, and Crystal M. Alexander, 29, of Fowler.

Lisa M. Guy, 46, of Warren, and George S. Matrunick, 66, of same.

Kyle A. Barry, 29, of Washington, D.C., and Gillian C. Michelakis , 29, of same.

Anthony D. Perige, 32, of Cortland, and Lisa M. Gromley, 36, of same.

Sara L. Hudson, 38, of Cortland, and Robert W. Berry, 46, of same.

Kayla L. Parsons, 25, of Cortland, and Thomas C. Bailey, 28, of same.

Michael S. Mariano, 39, of Cortland, and Jenna E. Manz, 29, of same.

Tyler B. Evans, 27, of Warren, and Scarlet M. Foster, 24, of same.

James J. Karabinus, 30, of Newton Falls, and Kristina M. Rossi, 23, of same.

Joseph I. Robinson IV, 43, of Newton Falls, and Krickett L. Donley, 33, of same.

Marie A. Lingenfelter, 29, of Warren, and Matthew J. Blough, 33, of West Middlesex.

William c. Nasonti Jr., 55, of West Farmington, and Theresa C. Thomas, 49, of same.

Nicole J. Montgomery, 30, of Hermitage, Pa., and Samuel C. Bowser, 32, of same.

Thomas J. Brant, 21, of Warren, and Jessica M. Goff, 24, of Niles.

Maria Z. Catuogno, 26, of Chicago, and Seth J. Lanting, 33, of same.

Scott E. Rockenfleder, 47, of Cortland, and Mary Ann M. Walker, 43, of same.

Jesse M. Regan, 32, of Girard, and Sherry L. Joki, 27, of same.

Andrew M. Oranich, 27, of Warren, and Rochelle R. Thomas, 32, of Cortland.

Daniel J. Martino, 29, of Brookfield, and Stephanie R. Ferrebee, 26, of same.

John A. Bumgardner Jr., 59, of Masury, and Diane L. Cowan, 60, of same.

Amanda L. Coleman, 38, of Warren, and Daniel B. Reibold, 46, of same.

Anna R. Kempf, 24, of Middlefield, and Jacob J. Miller Jr. IV, 22, of same.

TerryL. Vandergrift, 56, of Warren, and Connie S. Parks, 56, of same.

Michael D. Fetty, 49, of Cortland, and Cheri L. Quade, 34, of same.

Jodice A. Bowers, 23, of Girard, and Grace M. Vance, 21, of same.

Zachery J. Grinnell, 24, of Cortland, and Meghan L. Finley, 23, of same.

Haylee J. Mink, 25, of Cortland, and Ethan E. Ainsley, 25, of same.

Jeremy L. Neely Sr., 25, of Warren, and Abbygale L. Smith, 20, of same.

Jeremy A. Jordan, 30, of Warren, and Haley L. Beemer, 18, of same.

Anthony D. Brown, 27, of Niles, and Victoria G. Thornton, 25, of Selma, Texas.

Bernadette Ballard, 45, of Warren, and Arthur D. Bell, 49, of same.

April L. Gray, 28, of Niles, and Travus W. Cottrill, 35, of same.


Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC v. Joseph G. Dozier et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. unknown heirs legatees devisees executors et al, foreclosure.

Kent State University v. Ashley Lewis, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Michael Raymond et al, other civil.

Crown Asset Management LLC v. Cheryl Ohl, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Heather N. McCaslin, other civil.

Autovest LLC v. Deone Whitehead, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Jarod V Haines, other civil.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Linda Carter, other civil.

Daniel Gwinn v. Janet Milhan, other civil.

Gwendolyn Stargell v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. Inc. et al, other civil.

Progressive Direct Insurance Co. v. Don S. Bryant, other civil.

State of Ohio ex rel v. Leroy Braxton et al, other civil.

Discover Bank v. David Bass, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Jesse Palivec, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Cara Gregory, other civil.

Capital One NA v. Kathy P. Soltis Cyhan, other civil.

Antoinette D. Marotti v. Trumbull County Ohio Board of Commissioners et al, other civil.

Bank of America NA v. Tina Marie Crane, other civil.

Crown Asset Management LLC v. Debra Wildman, other civil.

Crown Asset Management LLC v. Donald O. Arbogast, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Sandra Ash, other civil.

Akins Davis III v. Geico Insurance Co. et al, other torts.

Brian K Johnson v. Rafael Rodriquez Santiago et al, other torts.

Patricia A. Marchese v. William Tenney et al, other torts.

Jessica Starcher v. Kyle Boyd et al, other torts.

David Galinsky v. McConnell Excavation Ltd. et al, workers’ compensation.

Helen Bankey v. General Motors Corp., workers’ compensation.

Cecilia McQueen v. Anderson and Dubose Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

Mary L. Buck v. Macalis Deluxe Super Markets Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

Midland Funding LLC v. Frank Egley, money.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Ray J. Allen, money.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Nicolette C. McGinnis, money.

Ohio Living Communities v. Ernest C. Hawkins Jr., money.

Ohio Living Communities v. Marsha Baston, money.

Youngstown Ohio Hospital Co. LLC v. Bernadette Bush, money.

Allstate Insurance Co. v. Amanda R. Busseno, money.

Allstate Insurance Co. v. Deshawn Smith, money.

State of Ohio ex rel v. Warren Steel Holdings LLC, money.

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