Campbell teachers receive 2 percent raises for next three years under new contracts

By Graig Graziosi


The Campbell Education Association teachers union ratified a three-year contract with the Campbell Board of Education.

Though not unanimous, the contract passed Monday morning with “an overwhelming majority,” according to CEA spokeswoman Colleen Joss.

The contract will be adopted pending the board of education’s approval at its meeting Tuesday.

Teachers will receive a 2 percent raise on their base salary for each year of the three-year contract. The pay increase at 27 years of service was adjusted and will now kick in at 23.

In addition to the adjusted increase benchmark, an approximately $1,761 increase was added at 28 years of service.

Superintendent Matthew Bowen said the extra step was added because teachers are working longer before retiring than in previous years.

“Teachers generally retired after 30 years, but more recently teachers have been retiring after 35 years, and teachers just starting out will likely not retire until they’ve worked 40 years,” Bowen said. “The board recognizes the importance of honoring the staff for their many years of dedication and understands that their retirements are based off of their five years of greatest compensation.”

Based on 2018-19 data drawn from the Ohio State Employment Relations Board, Campbell teachers on average earn moderately more than other teachers in the region.

A starting teacher with a bachelor’s degree makes $35,219 annually while a teacher with a bachelor’s degree at 30 years of service makes $68,677 under the new contract; teachers with master’s degrees make more.

Teachers with a bachelor’s degree at their year-23 benchmark make $4,719 on average more than other regional districts; teachers with their master’s in the same year make $1,924 more; and teachers with their master’s plus 30 hours make $340 more.

Data for Poland schools was not included in the salary data analysis.

Also in the contract: Teachers will not be subject to an increase in their health-insurance contributions, they will receive a pay increase for teaching College Credit Plus courses to $250, there will be no added hours to their workdays, but teachers will be required to attend an additional meeting during the year.

“All improvements, new facilities, special programs and teacher compensation are being accomplished without adding additional financial burden to the taxpayers of Campbell,” Bowen said. “We’re not waiting around hoping for funding to come in; we’ve left no stone unturned searching for funding sources and have chased every dollar for the betterment of the Campbell community.”

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