2018 South Course Greatest tee times





8:00 -1 Montgomery Chuck Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Bellatto Geno Lake Club

Porter Tim Tippecanoe Country Club

8:00-10 Karlovic Frank Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Tinney Robert Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Diloreto Joseph Mill Creek Golf Course

8:08-1 Shuster Tom Riverview Golf Course

Seeco Edward Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Santisi Frank The Links at Firestone Farms

8:08-10 Cogar Jim Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Gintert Robert Riverview Golf Course

Pico Jack Avalon Lakes Golf Course

8:15-1 Milton Glenn Mill Creek Golf Course

Marlowe Dick Tippecanoe Country Club

Schiraldi Dennis Mill Creek Golf Course

8:15-10 Polinsky Ron Yankee Run Golf Course

Cooper David Yankee Run Golf Course

Vershum Raymond Mill Creek Golf Course

8:23-1 Watson Mike Lake Club

Piper Barry Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Beler Kurt Mill Creek Golf Course

8:23-10 Ferko Jr Donald Old Dutch Golf Course

Bolino Larry Riverview Golf Course

Bruno Leonard Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

8:30-1 Perry Bob Valley Golf Club

Castor Joe Mahoning Country Club

Larry Mccall Salem Golf Club

8:30-10 Ferrell Sr Jerry Mill Creek Golf Course

Newell Sr. Don Oak Tree Country Club

Gessler Lennie Vagabond

8:38-1 Metzinger Joseph Mill Creek Golf Course

Rouzer Gary Walnut Run Golf Course

Sandy Tony Pine Lakes Golf Course

8:38-10 Ryan Timothy Windmill Lakes Golf Course

Davidson Frank Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

Sofocleous Steve Lake Club

8:45-1 Michaels Dan Mill Creek Golf Course

Fisher Fred Lake Club

Bennett Pete Tippecanoe Country Club

8:45-10 Wiery Daniel Old Dutch Golf Course

Bellino Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

Istnick Rick Salem Hills Golf Course

8:53-1 Lamport Reid Reserve Run Golf Course

Merrell Ron Oak Tree Country Club

Panick William Mill Creek Golf Course

8:53-10 Lewis Gary Mill Creek Golf Course

Gennaro Rocco Lake Club

Buckley John Lake Club

9:00-1 Russo Tim Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Mcdevitt Brad Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Haldi Rick Mill Creek Golf Course

9:00-10 Brett Daral Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

Frankovich Mark Castle Hills Golf Course

Marovich Paul Sylvan Heights Golf Course

9:08-1 Dunn John E. Lake Club

Neff Bruce Mill Creek Golf Course

Regano Phil Knoll Run Golf Course

9:08-10 Banyots John Lakeside Golf Course

Crowe James Old Dutch Golf Course

Vranches John Mill Creek Golf Course

9:15-1 Leonard Bob Mill Creek Golf Course

Balint Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

Angelilli Pierre Mill Creek Golf Course

9:15-10 Syrianoudis Tom Old Dutch Golf Course

Woods Gary Duck Creek Golf Course

Kelly George Mill Creek Golf Course

9:23-1 Zarlenga James Mill Creek Golf Course

Brown Robert E Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Pacella Albert Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

9:23-10 Thake Timothy Beaver Creek Meadows Golf Course

Vechiarelli Dominic Mill Creek Golf Course

Watt Skip Tippecanoe Country Club

9:30-1 Cannon Patrick Mill Creek Golf Course

Sicafuse Don Vagabond

Zubyk Stephen Yankee Run Golf Course

9:30-10 Tabak, Sr. Dave Knoll Run Golf Course

Beard John Reserve Run Golf Course

Schneider Lenny Reserve Run Golf Course

9:40-1 Kerola Jacob Pine Lakes Golf Course

Collins Ryan Mahoning Country Club

Moore Jay Avalon Lakes Golf Course




1:00-1 Leenheer Tom Vagabond

Clewell Lucian Salem Golf Club

Weaver Tim Reserve Run Golf Course

1:00-10 McDuff Mark Mill Creek Golf Course

Gorman James Lake Club

Fanto Joe Lake Club

1:08-1 Burke Chris Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Rouse Tim Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Blume Guy Youngstown Country Club

1:08-10 Barnot Jason Mahoning Country Club

Vanes Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

Klim William Lake Club

1:15-1 Guerrieri Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Keller Paul The Links at Firestone Farms

Daley III Thomas Knoll Run Golf Course

1:15-10 Polombi Ray Vagabond

Zabel Andy Lake Club

Rivello Jason Knoll Run Golf Course

1:23-1 Vargo Jr Michael Pine Lakes Golf Course

Moore Mike Turkana Farms Golf Course

Leonard Rob Lake Club

1:23-10 Rohan Ill George Lake Club

Jakubovic Marc Lake Club

Diloreto Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

1:30-1 Ward Sam The Links at Firestone Farms

Todd Hunter Youngstown Country Club

May Matt The Links at Firestone Farms

1:30-10 Spurio Dante Mill Creek Golf Course

Standohar Mark Yankee Run Golf Course

Bianco Angelo Mill Creek Golf Course

1:38-1 Waggoner Alex Salem Hills Golf Course

Harris Paul J Mahoning Country Club

Goodrick Gary Pine Lakes Golf Course

1:38-10 Popio Frank Lakeside Golf Course

Beeson Joe Pine Lakes Golf Course

Schuler James Reserve Run Golf Course

1:45-1 Heasley Shane Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Dobos Matt Avalon at Squaw Creek

Duncan Monte Mahoning Country Club

1:45-10 Stevens Cory Mahoning Country Club

Hodge Chuck Pine Lakes Golf Course

Bello Christian Mahoning Country Club

1:53-1 McClure Mike Parto's Driving Range

Gaca Jim Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Manos Sr. Nick Mill Creek Golf Course

1:53-10 Myers Aj The Links at Firestone Farms

Petrillo Frank Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Blaze Jeff Lake Club

2:00-1 Brown Bob Yankee Run Golf Course

Carkido Ben Avalon South Golf Course

Garrett Rance Reserve Run Golf Course

2:00-10 Palmer Vince Pine Lakes Golf Course

Whippo Merrill The Links at Firestone Farms

Smrek Nate Mill Creek Golf Course

2:08-1 Skelly Mike Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Isaacson Marc Reserve Run Golf Course

Koch Bradley Mill Creek Golf Course

2:08-10 Missik Mike Yankee Run Golf Course

Donadee Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

Bostian Matt Flying B Golf Course

2:15-1 Grunenwald Eric Vagabond

Ducay Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

Marsh Joshua Pine Lakes Golf Course

2:15-10 Harris Paul Mahoning Country Club

Stilgenbauer Dane Mill Creek Golf Course

Dimuzio James Tippecanoe Country Club

2:23-1 Couche Thomas Lake Club

Monico Dan Knoll Run Golf Course

Lapikas Mark Sharon Country Club

2:23-10 Rudolph John Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Haggerty Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Chenet Bob Avalon Lakes Golf Course

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