2018 North Course Greatest tee times





8:00 -1 Porter Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Karzmer Jonah Lake Club

Pluchinsky Brandon Mill Creek Golf Course

8:00-10 Hines Corey Riverview Golf Course

Jones Scotty East Palestine Country Club

Garwood Nate

8:08-1 Newell Brian Oak Tree Country Club

Jonda Bobby Mill Creek Golf Course

Horne Bryan Tippecanoe Country Club

8:08-10 Lapolla James Ross Trumbull Country Club

Snyder Nolan Flying B

Graziano Anthony Mahoning Country Club

8:15-1 Zarlenga Joshua Youngstown Country Club

Kilgore David Salem Golf Club

Latore Joshua Sylvan Heights Golf Course

8:15-10 Mccarty Orion Knoll Run Golf Course

Tresino Todd Old Dutch Golf Course

Dankovich Josh Flying B Golf Course

8:23-1 Cilone Joey Lake Club

Kish Bob Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

Romeo Vincenzo Avalon Lakes Golf Course

8:23-10 Cubellis Joe Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Culley Scott Castle Hills Golf Course

Hall Taylor Copeland Hills Golf Club

8:30-1 Kordupel Bryan Reserve Run Golf Course

Sveda Steven Mill Creek Golf Course

Porter Scott Tippecanoe Country Club

8:30-10 Stark Justin Mill Creek Golf Course

Mcquown Jason Trumbull Country Club

Wire Shawn Lake Club

8:38-1 Jacobson Zach Mill Creek Golf Course

Keller Ken Mill Creek Golf Course

Kreps Cade Mill Creek Golf Course

8:38-10 Stanton Dan Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

St. George Joe Kennsington Golf Course

Dripps Lawson Tippecanoe Country Club

8:45-1 Perry Tony Valley Golf Club

Gruszecki Kyle Valley Golf Club

Hoff Scott Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

8:45-10 Skelley Drew Reserve Run Golf Course

Musguire Leland R Mill Creek Golf Course

Smyczynski Andrew Parto's Driving Range

8:53-1 Schubert Keith Yankee Run Golf Course

Buffum Shawn Mill Creek Golf Course

Velasquez Brian Lake Club

8:53-10 Murdock Jason Mill Creek Golf Course

Nolen James Walnut Run Golf Course

Rogers Jordan Mill Creek Golf Course

9:00-1 Venrose Rob Donnybrook Golf Course

Myers Brian Lake Club

Linert Jimmy Tippecanoe Country Club

9:00-10 Howard Dave Knoll Run Golf Course

Gala Vinny Mill Creek Golf Course

Smoot Steve Yankee Run Golf Course

9:08-1 Wagnon Wendell Mill Creek Golf Course

Beck Mark Tippecanoe Country Club

Thomas Greg Tippecanoe Country Club

9:08-10 Bindas Paul Mill Creek Golf Course

Sliwinski Jonathan Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Miller Brian Pine Lakes Golf Course

9:15-1 Todd Dylan Youngstown Country Club

Tournoux Kevin Mill Creek Golf Course

Smoot Nathaniel Yankee Run Golf Course

9:15-10 Wyant William East Palestine Country Club

Ferko Ill Don Tippecanoe Country Club

Rossi Gregg Youngstown Country Club

9:23-1 Knepper Derek Lake Club

Thomas Matt Knoll Run Golf Course

Dietl Mark Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

9:30-1 Porter Pam Lake Club

Tressel Ellen Lake Club

Bellatto Kimberly Lake Club

9:23-10 Sayle Sally East Liverpool Country Club

Porter Janet Tippecanoe Country Club

Dimargio Sandra Lake Club

9:38-1 Cook Abby Pine Lakes Golf Course

Molaskey Angela Knoll Run Golf Course

Notaro Toni Salem Golf Club




1:00-1 Petrillo Anthony Mill Creek Golf Course

Schafer Jason Lakeside Golf Course

Sanders Patrick Parto's Driving Range

1:00-10 Jones Scott The Links at Firestone Farms

Poultney John Tippecanoe Country Club

Nappi Ed Lake Club

1:08-1 Petrillo Carmine Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Schneider David Yankee Run Golf Course

Sawayda Michael Candywood Golf Course

1:08-10 Frazier Kyle Vagabond

Mayo John Tippecanoe Country Club

Vrontos Bill Avalon Lakes Golf Course

1:15-1 Alfano Joseph Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

Gessner Larry Tippecanoe Country Club

Magura Jr. David Salem Hills Golf Course

1:15-10 Vocature Cody Mill Creek Golf Course

Pfund Michael Vagabond

Wise John Salem Golf Club

1:23-1 Randolph Josh The Links at Firestone Farms

Parteleno Paul Parto's Driving Range

Pluchinsky John Reserve Run Golf Course

1:23-10 Rust Jeff The Links at Firestone Farms

Evans Wayne Avalon South Golf Course

Fabiilli Dominic Mill Creek Golf Course

1:30-1 Heid William Mill Creek Golf Course

Morris Hank Mill Creek Golf Course

Snyder Ron Lake Club

1:30-10 Shovlin Bill Oak Tree Country Club

Duffett Ray Tippecanoe Country Club

Lewis John Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

1:38-1 Martin Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

Ford Daniel Vagabond

Ragazzine Joey Mahoning Country Club

1:38-10 Carpenter James Yankee Run Golf Course

Keller Corey The Links at Firestone Farms

Palumbo Jamie Oak Tree Country Club

1:45-1 Wilson Ken Pine Lakes Golf Course

Soltis Kevin Lake Club

Serb Larry Mill Creek Golf Course

1:45-10 Holden Kevin Mill Creek Golf Course

Goldsboro Ken Lake Club

Serich Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

1:53-1 Kapalko Razor Rob Pine Lakes Golf Course

Habuda Ben Knoll Run Golf Course

Staub Justin Pine Lakes Golf Course

1:53-10 Lenzi Jason Mill Creek Golf Course

Amendola Tony Lake Club

Mosca Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

2:00-1 Eubank Philip Mill Creek Golf Course

Howe Mike Reserve Run Golf Course

Homer Ryan Avalon Lakes Golf Course

2:00-10 Theodore Eric East Palestine CC

Hunter Ron Pine Lakes Golf Course

Dees David Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

2:08-1 Yourstowsky Chuck Tippecanoe Country Club

Iaderosa Greg Tippecanoe Country Club

Saadey Jon Tippecanoe Country Club

McDowell Jason Tippecanoe Country Club

2:08-10 Klucinec Will Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Lapolla Jr James Trumbull Country Club

Costantini Joe Yankee Run Golf Course

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