UPDATED: 2018 Farmers National Greatest Golfer FRIDAY TEE times

Welcome to the 2018 Farmers National Bank Greatest Golfer of the Valley.

Below are the tee times for Friday play at Mill Creek.

These are in better shape; a couple fixes still to make.

Thank you.





8:00 -1 Porter Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Karzmer Jonah Lake Club

Pluchinsky Brandon Mill Creek Golf Course

8:00-10 Hines Corey Riverview Golf Course

Jones Scotty East Palestine Country Club

Garwood Nate

8:08-1 Newell Brian Oak Tree Country Club

Jonda Bobby Mill Creek Golf Course

Horne Bryan Tippecanoe Country Club

8:08-10 Lapolla James Ross Trumbull Country Club

Snyder Nolan Flying B

Graziano Anthony Mahoning Country Club

8:15-1 Zarlenga Joshua Youngstown Country Club

Kilgore David Salem Golf Club

Latore Joshua Sylvan Heights Golf Course

8:15-10 Mccarty Orion Knoll Run Golf Course

Tresino Todd Old Dutch Golf Course

Dankovich Josh Flying B Golf Course

8:23-1 Cilone Joey Lake Club

Kish Bob Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

Romeo Vincenzo Avalon Lakes Golf Course

8:23-10 Cubellis Joe Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Culley Scott Castle Hills Golf Course

Hall Taylor Copeland Hills Golf Club

8:30-1 Kordupel Bryan Reserve Run Golf Course

Sveda Steven Mill Creek Golf Course

Porter Scott Tippecanoe Country Club

8:30-10 Stark Justin Mill Creek Golf Course

Mcquown Jason Trumbull Country Club

Wire Shawn Lake Club

8:38-1 Jacobson Zach Mill Creek Golf Course

Keller Ken Mill Creek Golf Course

Kreps Cade Mill Creek Golf Course

8:38-10 Stanton Dan Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

St. George Joe Kennsington Golf Course

Dripps Lawson Tippecanoe Country Club

8:45-1 Perry Tony Valley Golf Club

Gruszecki Kyle Valley Golf Club

Hoff Scott Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

8:45-10 Skelley Drew Reserve Run Golf Course

Musguire Leland R Mill Creek Golf Course

Smyczynski Andrew Parto's Driving Range

8:53-1 Musser Mike Mill Creek Golf Course

Buffum Shawn Mill Creek Golf Course

Velasquez Brian Lake Club

8:53-10 Murdock Jason Mill Creek Golf Course

Nolen James Walnut Run Golf Course

Rogers Jordan Mill Creek Golf Course

9:00-1 Venrose Rob Donnybrook Golf Course

Myers Brian Lake Club

Linert Jimmy Tippecanoe Country Club

9:00-10 Howard Dave Knoll Run Golf Course

Gala Vinny Mill Creek Golf Course

Smoot Steve Yankee Run Golf Course

9:08-1 Wagnon Wendell Mill Creek Golf Course

Schubert Keith Yankee Run Golf Course

Thomas Greg Tippecanoe Country Club

9:08-10 Bindas Paul Mill Creek Golf Course

Sliwinski Jonathan Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Miller Brian Pine Lakes Golf Course

9:15-1 Todd Dylan Youngstown Country Club

Tournoux Kevin Mill Creek Golf Course

Smoot Nathaniel Yankee Run Golf Course

9:15-10 Wyant William East Palestine Country Club

Ferko Ill Don Tippecanoe Country Club

Rossi Gregg Youngstown Country Club

9:23-1 Knepper Derek Lake Club

Thomas Matt Knoll Run Golf Course

Dietl Mark Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

9:30-1 Porter Pam Lake Club

Tressel Ellen Lake Club

Bellatto Kimberly Lake Club

9:23-10 Sayle Sally East Liverpool Country Club

Porter Janet Tippecanoe Country Club

Dimargio Sandra Lake Club

9:38-1 Cook Abby Pine Lakes Golf Course

Molaskey Angela Knoll Run Golf Course




1:00-1 Petrillo Anthony Mill Creek Golf Course

Schafer Jason Lakeside Golf Course

Sanders Patrick Parto's Driving Range

1:00-10 Jones Scott The Links at Firestone Farms

Poultney John Tippecanoe Country Club

Nappi Ed Lake Club

1:08-1 Petrillo Carmine Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Schneider David Yankee Run Golf Course

Sawayda Michael Candywood Golf Course

1:08-10 Frazier Kyle Vagabond

Mayo John Tippecanoe Country Club

Vrontos Bill Avalon Lakes Golf Course

1:15-1 Alfano Joseph Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

Gessner Larry Tippecanoe Country Club

Magura Jr. David Salem Hills Golf Course

1:15-10 Vocature Cody Mill Creek Golf Course

Pfund Michael Vagabond

Wise John Salem Golf Club

1:23-1 Randolph Josh The Links at Firestone Farms

Parteleno Paul Parto's Driving Range

Pluchinsky John Reserve Run Golf Course

1:23-10 Rust Jeff The Links at Firestone Farms

Evans Wayne Avalon South Golf Course

Fabiilli Dominic Mill Creek Golf Course

1:30-1 Heid William Mill Creek Golf Course

Morris Hank Mill Creek Golf Course

Snyder Ron Lake Club

1:30-10 Shovlin Bill Oak Tree Country Club

Duffett Ray Tippecanoe Country Club

Lewis John Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

1:38-1 Martin Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

Ford Daniel Vagabond

Ragazzine Joey Mahoning Country Club

1:38-10 Carpenter James Yankee Run Golf Course

Keller Corey The Links at Firestone Farms

Palumbo Jamie Oak Tree Country Club

1:45-1 Wilson Ken Pine Lakes Golf Course

Soltis Kevin Lake Club

Serb Larry Mill Creek Golf Course

1:45-10 Holden Kevin Mill Creek Golf Course

Goldsboro Ken Lake Club

Serich Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

1:53-1 Kapalko Razor Rob Pine Lakes Golf Course

Habuda Ben Knoll Run Golf Course

Staub Justin Pine Lakes Golf Course

1:53-10 Lenzi Jason Mill Creek Golf Course

Amendola Tony Lake Club

Mosca Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

2:00-1 Eubank Philip Mill Creek Golf Course

Howe Mike Reserve Run Golf Course

Homer Ryan Avalon Lakes Golf Course

2:00-10 Theodore Eric East Palestine CC

Hunter Ron Pine Lakes Golf Course

Dees David Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

2:08-1 Yourstowsky Chuck Tippecanoe Country Club

Iaderosa Greg Tippecanoe Country Club

Saadey Jon Tippecanoe Country Club

2:08-10 Klucinec Will Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Lapolla Jr James Trumbull Country Club







8:00 -1 Montgomery Chuck Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Bellatto Geno Lake Club

Porter Tim Tippecanoe Country Club

8:00-10 Karlovic Frank Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Tinney Robert Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Diloreto Joseph Mill Creek Golf Course

8:08-1 Shuster Tom Riverview Golf Course

Seeco Edward Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Santisi Frank The Links at Firestone Farms

8:08-10 Cogar Jim Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Gintert Robert Riverview Golf Course

Pico Jack Avalon Lakes Golf Course

8:15-1 Milton Glenn Mill Creek Golf Course

Marlowe Dick Tippecanoe Country Club

Lapikas Mark Sharon Country Club

8:15-10 Polinsky Ron Yankee Run Golf Course

Cooper David Yankee Run Golf Course

Vershum Raymond Mill Creek Golf Course

8:23-1 Watson Mike Lake Club

Piper Barry Avalon Lakes Golf Course

Beler Kurt Mill Creek Golf Course

8:23-10 Ferko Jr Donald Old Dutch Golf Course

Bolino Larry Riverview Golf Course

Bruno Leonard Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

8:30-1 Perry Bob Valley Golf Club

Castor Joe Mahoning Country Club

Larry Mccall Salem Golf Club

8:30-10 Ferrell Sr Jerry Mill Creek Golf Course

Newell Sr. Don Oak Tree Country Club

Gessler Lennie Vagabond

8:38-1 Metzinger Joseph Mill Creek Golf Course

Rouzer Gary Walnut Run Golf Course

Sandy Tony Pine Lakes Golf Course

8:38-10 Ryan Timothy Windmill Lakes Golf Course

Davidson Frank Salem Hills Golf and Country Club

Sofocleous Steve Lake Club

8:45-1 Michaels Dan Mill Creek Golf Course

Fisher Fred Lake Club

Bennett Pete Tippecanoe Country Club

8:45-10 Wiery Daniel Old Dutch Golf Course

Bellino Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

Istnick Rick Salem Hills Golf Course

8:53-1 Lamport Reid Reserve Run Golf Course

Merrell Ron Oak Tree Country Club

Panick William Mill Creek Golf Course

8:53-10 Lewis Gary Mill Creek Golf Course

Gennaro Rocco Lake Club

Buckley John Lake Club

9:00-1 Russo Tim Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Mcdevitt Brad Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Haldi Rick Mill Creek Golf Course

9:00-10 Brett Daral Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

Frankovich Mark Castle Hills Golf Course

Marovich Paul Sylvan Heights Golf Course

9:08-1 Dunn John E. Lake Club

Neff Bruce Mill Creek Golf Course

Regano Phil Knoll Run Golf Course

9:08-10 Banyots John Lakeside Golf Course

Crowe James Old Dutch Golf Course

Vranches John Mill Creek Golf Course

9:15-1 Leonard Bob Mill Creek Golf Course

Balint Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

Angelilli Pierre Mill Creek Golf Course

9:15-10 Syrianoudis Tom Old Dutch Golf Course

Woods Gary Duck Creek Golf Course

Kelly George Mill Creek Golf Course

9:23-1 Zarlenga James Mill Creek Golf Course

Brown Robert E Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Pacella Albert Bedford Trails Public Golf Course

9:23-10 Thake Timothy Beaver Creek Meadows Golf Course

Vechiarelli Dominic Mill Creek Golf Course

Watt Skip Tippecanoe Country Club

9:30-1 Cannon Patrick Mill Creek Golf Course

Sicafuse Don Vagabond

Zubyk Stephen Yankee Run Golf Course

9:30-10 Tabak, Sr. Dave Knoll Run Golf Course

Beard John Reserve Run Golf Course

Schneider Lenny Reserve Run Golf Course

9:40-1 Kerola Jacob Pine Lakes Golf Course

Collins Ryan Mahoning Country Club

Moore Jay Avalon Lakes Golf Course




1:00-1 Leenheer Tom Vagabond

Clewell Lucian Salem Golf Club

Weaver Tim Reserve Run Golf Course

1:00-10 TBD

Gorman James Lake Club

Fanto Joe Lake Club

1:08-1 Burke Chris Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Rouse Tim Tamer Win Golf and Country Club

Blume Guy Youngstown Country Club

1:08-10 Barnot Jason Mahoning Country Club

Vanes Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

Klim William Lake Club

1:15-1 Guerrieri Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Keller Paul The Links at Firestone Farms

Daley III Thomas Knoll Run Golf Course

1:15-10 Polombi Ray Vagabond

Zabel Andy Lake Club

Rivello Jason Knoll Run Golf Course

1:23-1 Vargo Jr Michael Pine Lakes Golf Course

Moore Mike Turkana Farms Golf Course

Leonard Rob Lake Club

1:23-10 Rohan Ill George Lake Club

Jakubovic Marc Lake Club

Diloreto Daniel Mill Creek Golf Course

1:30-1 Ward Sam The Links at Firestone Farms

Todd Hunter Youngstown Country Club

May Matt The Links at Firestone Farms

1:30-10 Spurio Dante Mill Creek Golf Course

Standohar Mark Yankee Run Golf Course

Bianco Angelo Mill Creek Golf Course

1:38-1 Waggoner Alex Salem Hills Golf Course

Harris Paul J Mahoning Country Club

Goodrick Gary Pine Lakes Golf Course

1:38-10 Popio Frank Lakeside Golf Course

Beeson Joe Pine Lakes Golf Course

Schuler James Reserve Run Golf Course

1:45-1 Heasley Shane Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Dobos Matt Avalon at Squaw Creek

Duncan Monte Mahoning Country Club

1:45-10 Stevens Cory Mahoning Country Club

Hodge Chuck Pine Lakes Golf Course

Bello Christian Mahoning Country Club

1:53-1 McClure Mike Parto's Driving Range

Gaca Jim Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Manos Sr. Nick Mill Creek Golf Course

1:53-10 Myers Aj The Links at Firestone Farms

Petrillo Frank Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Blaze Jeff Lake Club

2:00-1 Brown Bob Yankee Run Golf Course

Carkido Ben Avalon South Golf Course

Garrett Rance Reserve Run Golf Course

2:00-10 Palmer Vince Pine Lakes Golf Course

Whippo Merrill The Links at Firestone Farms

Smrek Nate Mill Creek Golf Course

2:08-1 Skelly Mike Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Isaacson Marc Reserve Run Golf Course

Koch Bradley Mill Creek Golf Course

2:08-10 Harris Dean Mill Creek Golf Course

Donadee Robert Mill Creek Golf Course

Bostian Matt Flying B Golf Course

2:15-1 Grunenwald Eric Vagabond

Ducay Joe Mill Creek Golf Course

Marsh Joshua Pine Lakes Golf Course

2:15-10 Harris Paul Mahoning Country Club

Stilgenbauer Dane Mill Creek Golf Course

Dimuzio James Tippecanoe Country Club

2:23-1 Couche Thomas Lake Club

Monico Dan Knoll Run Golf Course

Schiraldi Dennis Mill Creek Golf Course

2:23-10 Rudolph John Kennsington Golf Club & Grille

Haggerty Michael Tippecanoe Country Club

Chenet Bob Avalon Lakes Golf Course

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