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Ohio special election today will be watched for clues to November

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Associated Press


A Democrat is within striking distance of winning a congressional race in Ohio today for an open seat that has been reliably Republican for more than three decades. Both national parties are focusing on the contest for clues to whether Democrats will retake the U.S. House in November.

Republican President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have campaigned in support of the GOP candidate over the past week. Polls taken by Emerson College and Monmouth University before Saturday’s Trump event in suburban Columbus showed the race neck-and-neck.

Troy Balderson, a two-term Republican state senator, is working to retain GOP control of the 12th District. He faces Democrat Danny O’Connor, Franklin County recorder, whose fundraising outpaced Balderson’s in the most recent reporting period by nearly four times.

Working phones at a volunteer site Monday, Balderson said he’s felt enthusiasm throughout the district after Trump’s visit Saturday.

The seat was held for 18 years by GOP Gov. John Kasich and nearly another 18 by U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi, a pro-business, establishment Republican. Both are backing and campaigning for Balderson in Tuesday’s special election for the remainder of Tiberi’s unexpired term.

Balderson, 57, is a Trump supporter but also is aligning himself with Kasich, who’s an outspoken Trump critic. He rebuffed questions about whether appearing with Trump might have cut into the popular governor’s influence in bringing out voters in Kasich’s home district.

O’Connor, 31, also has tread lightly where Kasich’s concerned. The Republican governor’s statewide popularity remains high, in part, because of an increase in support among Democrats as he’s maintained a steady barrage of negative commentary about the president.

O’Connor’s candidacy is the latest barometer ahead of a November midterm election in which Democrats need 23 additional seats for a majority in the House.