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Monday, April 9, 2018



Marriage licenses

William R. Newell, 42, of Warren, and Brittney M. Morrison, 28, of same.

Caitlin M. McKinney, 28, of Hermitage, Pa., and Jeffrey T. Gavin, 28, of same.

Emily J. Linamen, 25, of Warren, and Brenden D. Bryant, 25, of West Middlesex, Pa.

Amber G. Sutherland, 32, of Newton Falls, and Joseph J. Pupin Jr., 30, of same.

James R. McNeill, 30, of Niles, and Lillian L. Scott, 24, of same.

Johnwayne N. Ferraton, 40, of Warren, and Holly A. Johnson, 42, of same.

Martha E. Smith, 45, of McDonald, and Richard C. Workman, 62, of same.

Hannah V. Isenberg, 23, of Cortland, and Dustin L. Barnett, 21, of same.

Paige A. Hunter, 26, of Warren, and Michael J. Gingerich, 28, of Windsor.

Carrie M. Hopkins, 25, of Leavittsburg, and Kyle D. Lemasters, 29, of same.

Heather M. Zalick, 32, of Hubbard, and Keith E. Armour, 34, of same.

Robart R. Lewis, 28, of Hubbard, and Kimberly M. Lewis, 56, of same.

Jennifer R. Snider, 34, of Burghill, and Michael A. Lindus, 34, of same.

Phillip J. Saloom, 55, of Vienna, and Pamela L. Cinelli, 46, of Dublin.

Rachel M. Anderson, of Brookfield, and Ronald E. Woodcock, 40, of same.

Jarod K. Hooper, 24, of Warren, and Miranda R. Prox, 24, of Cortland.

Ashley C. Riggers, 21, of Niles, and Justin R. Allen, 23, of same.

Rachel L. Roberts, 26, of Niles, and Benjamin D. Clement, 28, of Cortland.

New complaints

Sam Lamancusa v. Howland Development Co., tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Michabis Tjimpinos et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Kevin Harris et al, tax foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Charles E. Proctor IV et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Roxann D. Kuta et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Deborah J. Cartwright et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Marlene L. Lockhart et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Springboard Housing LVA1 LLC, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Kathy C. Nahm et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Hurrel G. Nelson et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Robin Walker et al, foreclosure.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC v. Edward V. Moran et al, foreclosure.

Dada Hotels Inc. v. Empire Hospitality Group LLC et al, foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC v. Jason Bowman Sr. et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Tina A. Seders et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Michael V. Karr et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Matterhorn LLC, foreclosure.

Trinity Financial Services LLC v. Anthony T. Dalessandri et al, foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Barbara J. Teffner et al, foreclosure.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC v. Jennifer L. Svensson et al, foreclosure.

Mycumortgage LLC v. Loree R. Cochran et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Thomas A. Hildreth et al, foreclosure.

Selene Finance LP v. Michelle Harris et al, foreclosure.

Board of County Commissioners Trumbull County v. Nicholas Besoiu et al, other civil.

Citibank NA v. J. Scott S. Lucanski, other civil.

Grange Property and Casualty Co. v. Kayla A. Smith et al, other civil.

Banner Supply Co. v. Robert K. Miller Sr., other civil.

Mi Yona N. Morgan v. Merle C. Hall et al, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Cody Plyler, other civil.

Frank Dascoulias v. Annette Kolat, other civil.

Bank of America NA v. Shari L. Patterson, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. James M. Kovac Jr., other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. James M. Kovac Jr., other civil.

Ally Bank v. Brett Ramsey, other civil.

DNF Associates LLC v. Jeffrey Judd, other civil.

Kimberly Ward v. Zachary Zimomra et al, other civil

State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co. v. Estate of Brian McGee et al, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC v. Kellie Backer, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Linda Barnett, other civil.

Thomas Prendergast MD v. Steward Medical Group Inc., other civil.

Prestige Financial Services Inc. v. Tamisha L. Davis, other civil.

Debra Robinson v. Alyssa Christy et al, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Linda K. Carter, other civil.

Supply Chain and Operational Resources LLC v. Astro Manufacturing and Design Inc. et al, other civil.

Beverly L. Gartland v. Donald Fleming et al, other torts.

David L. Anderson et al v. City of Niles et al, other torts.

Ryan Stan et al v. John E. Fogelsonger, other torts.

Carla M. Logan v. Safiya Floyd, other torts.

Dominic R. Mileto v. Sarah Morrison et al, workers’ compensation.

Desiree S. Hardin v. Minute Men Select Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

Rich Toscani v. Sarah Morrison, workers’ compensation.

Commercial Financial Corp. v. Jack R. Free, money.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services v. Ann E. Prokop, money.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services v. Gertrude I. Terchila, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Denise M. Rising and Keith L. Rising.

Jacqueline L. Miller and Steven M. Miller.

Jeffrey A. Derry and Jennifer D. Derry.

Christina M. Pallo and Scott A. Pallo.

Timothy J. Gilliland and Jamie L. Gilliland.

James E. Clay Jr. and Erica Clay.

James R. Peterson and Lorene M. Peterson.

Joseph R. Hudack and Margaret L. Hudack.

Tabitha Tanner and Daniel S. McNenar Jr.

Jeffery J. Bahr and Rachel S. Bahr.

Divorces Asked

Gregory A. Spitzer v. Nicole L. Spitzer.

Ashley Dille v. Gregory Dille.

Ryan T. Hopson v. Jaime L. Hopson.

Sandy McTheny v. Dylan McTheny.

Roseland S. Collier v. Thomas R. Collier.

Samuel M. Sinz v. Courtney R. Layman-Sinz.

Judith Ghizzoni v. David Ghizzoni.