For the Week of Sunday, April 8 2018

June Young to Cory M. Jones, Dobbins Road, Poland, $140,000.

Giuseppe Sorice to Gennaro F. Ricciardi, Fox Den Trail, Canfield, $410,000.

Eric L. Whitmer et al to Holli Foster et al, Cedarwood Drive, Mineral Ridge, $129,500.

Andre Y. Sahyoun et al to Maura Freaney, Lockwood Blvd., Boardman, $165,000.

John Hackett to Laura B. Stephens, Marcia Drive, Austintown, $96,000

Betty J. Bogan to George Grillis, Oak St., Lowellville, $159,000.

Otler Holdings LLP to Wayne Lewis, S. Bon Air, Youngstown, $29,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Balieet Beharry et al, Lowell Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Donald R. Tuel to Dean Grindley III et al, Island Creek Drive, Beloit, $125,000.

Benjamin Digirolano to Elizabeth J. McNamer et al, Oak Knoll Drive, Youngstown, $160,000.

Stephanie N. Otterbacher to Frank Deberry Jr. et al, Renee Drive, Struthers, $68,900.

APL Properties LLC to Leonard G. Mochtyak et al, Back Bay, Columbiana, $115,000.

Jeremy J. Grant to Thomas J. Bunosky et al, Poland Ave., Struthers, $17,500.

APL Properties LLC to David H. Cooper et al, Back Bay, Columbiana, $115,000.

Paul J. Canter to DJM Rentals LLC, Massachusetts Ave., Poland, $35,000.

Barry L. McCloskey to Aqua Ohio Inc., Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Poland, $155,000.

Stelianos N. Frangopoulos to Robert L. Kinsman, Shores Drive, Poland, $34,600.

Stacy J. Romigh to Ashley B. Meiter, E. Vermont, Sebring, $56,900.

Mary L. Thomas to Jonathan R. Moore et al, Forest Lake Drive, Boardman, $155,000.

Colonel Enterprise LLC to Rinay Chond, Mary St., Youngstown, $10,000.

James R. Blume Jr. to David Yash, Tamarisk Trail, Poland, $155,000.

Nicole B. Costello to David M. Green, Mathews Road, Poland, $69,750.

Walsh R.E. LTD to Toma Leveto et al, NE River Road, Lake Milton, $99,000.

Richard D. Setty et al to William E. Church, S. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, $85,000.

Richard D. Kaszowski to Shawn Hannon, Herons Circle, Austintown, $240,000.

Steven A. Struble et al to Leslie Williams, E. Liberty St., Lowellville, $5,000.

J&R Buy Homes LLC to Brian Klem, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $56,700.

Mary R. Davis to Aaron R. Pace, Brunswick Road, Youngstown, $66,000.

James Turpin to James A. Krizan, Park Harbour Drive, Boardman, $479,000.

Lorraine Hardman to George B. Taylor, Hunters Woods Blvd., Canfield, $181,000.

Youngstown Choice Homes II to Michelle L. Anderson, Willis Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Paul A. Filipowicz to Michael J. Libbey, Saint Andrews Court Unit 4, Canfield, $97,500.

Richard M. Bass et al to Scott A. McFeely et al, Diagonal Road, Salem, $35,000.

Daniel Devine et al to Aaron Devine, Lake Park, Alliance, $13,000.

Robert T. Casey et al to Laura A. Kunovic, Rexford Road, Youngstown, $74,500.

Petrina M. Kifer et al to Shane Haddle, Chattanooga Ave., Poland, $55,000.

Elaine Ondomisi to James Farris, Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, $64,500.

Jo-Ann Stefanski to Anthony T. Rolland, Meadowbrook Ave., Youngstown, $53,000.

Youngstown Choice Homes Limited to Tyrone F. Crafter, Carroll St., Youngstown, $10,355.

Tracy L. George to Eric Peterson et al, W. Tennessee, Sebring, $43,000.

PNC Bank National Association to Joseph L. Vivelo, N. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, $27,000.

Michael Engoian et al to Joshua Wakeford, Trenholm Road, Boardman, $122,000.

Common Wealth Inc. to Mason L. Thomas et al, Jackson, Campbell, $5,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Kevan Majors, N. Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, $13,703.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Angel Wings 88 LLC et al, LaBelle Ave., Youngstown, $8,221.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Valley Investment Group LLC, Best Road, North Benton, $115,000.

Michael F. Connolly to Susan R. Ferrell, Purdue Ave., Austintown, $111,500.

John C. Day to Daniel V. Dumovic, Canfield Road, Youngstown, $95,000.

Gregory Davenport to Carlotta Tucker, Guadalupe Ave., Youngstown, $13,000.

Master Plan Builders Inc. to James R. Boughton et al, Radcliffe Pass, Columbiana, $355,000.

Jill Burstein et al to Matthew A. Deiwert, Dehoff Drive, Austintown, $57,500.

Mohammad Asif to Raymond Carlson et al, E. Liberty St., Lowellville, $33,000.

BB&R Consulting LLC to J. Delangley Properties LLC, Meadowland, Poland, $40,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to HTG LLC, Viall Road, Austintown, $41,000.

Elizabeth J. Keith to Hakeem A. Ahmad et al, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $41,000.

Grapeful Investments LLC to CEO Homes LLC, Jean St., Youngstown, $14,000.

Ellen M. Marstellar to CEO Homes LLC, Wilmette Lane, Youngstown, $24,000.

Alexander A. Domico et al to Jason D. Helod et al, Rapp Road, New Middletown, $175,000.

Weshco LLC to Alexander S. Gristok et al, Appleridge Drive, Boardman, $105,500.

Sherry Berry et al to Cynthia L. Carsano et al, E. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, $8,000.

Edward Munshower II et al to Michael T. Kliem et al, Mahoning Ave., Diamond, $70,000.

William J. Haswell et al to Carolyn Brian, Sandy Court No. 6, New Middletown, $165,500.

Norma Coe-Anderson to Don C. Perkins, Canfield Road, Canfield, $125,400.

Amico Colaizzi et al to Kevin T. Brooke et al, Springfield Road, North Lima, $71,000.

Estate of Willis E. Baker to Christopher M. Vargo et al, Carlisle Ave., Austintown, $100,000.

Journey Initiatives LLC to Luisa Gutierrez, Catalina Ave., Youngstown, $13,500.

Miller Real Estate II LTD to Roberta L. Yarosh, S. Turner Road, Austintown, $118,000.

New Englewood Properties LLC to Dawna Reynolds, Eddie St., Youngstown, $18,000.

Stephen M. Jennings to Daniel S. Rila, et al, Chatsworth Lane, Canfield, $290,000.

Sunshine Everywhere Properties Inc. to Yi C. Fu, Lakeview and N. Portland avenues, Youngstown, $32,300.

A&D Properties No. 2 to Craig N. Tareshawty et al, Ohio 446, Canfield, $550,000.

Manzanar Co. Inc. to Craig N. Tareshawty et al, West Blvd. and Market St., Boardman, $810,000.

H&W Investments LTD to Craig N. Tareshawty et al, Boardman-Canfield Road and Boardman-Poand Road, Boardman, $1,240,000.

Dr. Muhannad Kassawat to Markus J. Cruz, Spitler Road, Poland, $149,000.

Jennifer R. Gaydos to Ethan D. Witmer et al, Cambridge Glen, Columbiana, $155,000.

Marcus Casper to Carmcio Clinton et al, Early Road, Youngstown, $13,100.

WLG Residential Properties LLC to Gregory A. Burns, Marcia Drive, Austintown, $104,000.

David J. Pitko et al to DUM Rentals LLC, 7th St., Struthers, $4,000.

James Hines to Dale L. Keffer et al, Dryden Ave., Youngstown, $11,000.

Christine J. Kerpsack to Charles T. Cope Jr., W. Western Reserve Road, Salem, $880,000.

Bryan K. Hedrick et al to Clark W. Meyers, state Route 14, North Benton, $97,000.

Dale Schneider et al to David C. Tofil, Burkey Road, Austintown, $67,000.

Bartelmay Family Limited Partnership to Chad C. Rosko et sl Shadydale Drive, Canfield, $247,000.

Sherry Demar to Brian T. Gabbert et al, Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman, $235,000.

Corey O. Richards et al to Tara E. Mowery et al, Slippery Rock Drive, Canfield, $214,000.

KWJ Priperties at Youngstown LLC to Robert M. Joseph et al, N. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, $65,000.

Andrew R. Pozzuto et al to Divvy Homes Acquisitions Inc., Selkirk Ave., Austintown, $125,000.

Ryan P. Baker to Keith L. Wolf, Warwick Drive N., Canfield, $95,000.

Willie F. Mullens II to Huy N. Nguyen, Saddlebrook, Boardman, $340,000.

Kim Wiery to Thomas J. Reder et al, Mill Road, Berlin Center, $45,000.

John R. Paczak et al to Patrick P. DeVito III, Hamman Drive, Youngstown, $133,000.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to JSNOHIO5 LLC, E. Dewey Ave., Youngstown, $25,900.

Richard W. Jones et al to Jenymis Enterprises LLC, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $225,000.

Michael J. Rotunno to Steven M. Kittle et al, E. Western Reserve Road Unit 34, Poland, $235,000.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to JSNOHIO7 LLC, Humbolt Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

George A. Cashbaugh et al to Eric J. Buchmann, E. Main St., Canfield, $123,900.

Carlene J. Kolesar to Jack Lunn et al, S. Hartford Ave., Youngstown, $31,500.

James E. McMurray et al to Lesa Haswell, Clingan Road No. 1A, Struthers, $200,000.

Daniel P. Ibele to Eric Kennedy et al, Brockpark Drive, Canfield, $235,000.

Jack L. Hale to Mahmoud Kassem, Moore St., Struthers, $25,000.

M&J Real Estate Inc. to Brett J. Stare et al, Victory Hill Lane, Austintown, $34,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to David W. Taylor, Howard St., Youngstown, $36,000.

William P. Booth et al to Liquid Z LLC, Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Poland, $140,000.

Regency Finance Co. to Mark E. Stewart et al, Brookwood Road, Boardman, $22,000.

Kethleen Judge-Martin to Martin A. Jaras et al, Evans Ave., Austintown, $90,001.

Tracy Wining to Tina M. Pasvanis, Wildwood Drive, Boardman, $90,000.

Robert W. Plute et al to Zachary Gay et al, Waggaman Circle, Boardman, $146,000.

H. Todd Johnson to Michael Guzman et al, Centennial Drive, Poland, $168,000.

Kathleen Booze to CMS Investments LLC, E. Wood St., Lowellville, $38,000.

James Potter to Kimberley Knowles, Humbolt Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Russell W. Gillam Jr. et al to James Jones et al, Championship Court, Canfield, $295,000.

Matthew T. Callahan et al to Shirrell Brown, Warwick Drive, Canfield, $138,000.

Robert B. Smith et al to William Sims, Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, $76,000.

Bradley D. Justice et al to Jeffrey F. Whitmer, Youngstown-Salem Road, Canfield, $175,000.

Tolga Icli et al to Phillip M. Verspelt et al, Fox Den Trail, Canfield, $405,000.

Joshua Hanson-Wilson to Bethany J. Sitler, Oakcrest Ave., Austintown, $68,500.

James Howell to Shadetree Holdings LLC, W. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, $23,000.

John G. Pollander et al to Claire Bigelow Jr., Canfield Road, Canfield, $189,500

Thomas A. Vitelli et al to William E. Ramhoff et al, Wesley Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Frances S. Starinchak Trust to Dominic Moore, E. Oakland Blvd., Struthers, $63,500.

HUD to Property Perfection LLC, E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, $12,101.

Anthony J. Parker to Glen A. Hartman et al, Signature Drive, Austintown, $124,150.

Michael S. Popovich et al to Eve M. Christopher, Brookfield Ave., Boardman, $105,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Yu Ping Ni, Afton Ave., Youngstown, $53,500.

Matthew M. May et al to Louis V. Zingaro et al, Barrington Drive, Austintown, $142,000.

Lauren E. Pavlin to Mozza Real Estate LLC, Pearson Circle #5, Boardman, $35,000.

Home Savings Bank to Laurie T. Fernandez, Nassau Court, Youngstown, $42,000.

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