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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Glenwood Junior High School had a volleyball championship that included seventh- and eighth-grade students, their teachers and the Boardman Police. Pictured are the teachers of the school and the police officers. The two groups played against each other for the event.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The PTA of Glenwood Junior High School organized the volleyball championship to raise money for the PTA and events they sponsor. Pictured, Student Resource Officer Phil Merlo set up to serve the volleyball.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Glenwood Junior High School's volleyball championship saw two seventh-grade teams play, followed by the teachers and the Boardman Police and concluding with the eighth-grade tournament. The students teams had eight players with four boys, four girls and a maximum of two volleyball players on each team. Pictured, Sizzlin' Spikers took on Take the L for the eighth-grade championship.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The students of Glenwood Junior High School signed up to participate in a volleyball tournament that they played in after school. On March 22, the top two teams from the seventh grade and eighth grade played. The school's PTA also invited teachers and Boardman Police to the event to give it a community feel. Pictured, principal Bart Smith jumped up to get the volleyball.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The PTA raised $400 just from team registration in the volleyball tournament. The organization also get money through consessions and ticket prices from the event. They spend the money on events like school dances and their Career Day, while also funding clubs and student programs.


Students, teachers and police gathered in the gymnasium of Glenwood Junior High School for a volleyball championship on the evening of March 22.

The school’s PTA organized the event to raise money for their organization. During the event, two seventh-grade teams and two eighth-grade teams competed against each other in a game of volleyball. A team of teachers also played against a team of Boardman Police Officers.

PTA President Tracie Balentine set up the event. The school had done the event in years past, but the Boardman police began competing against the teachers recently. Balentine said this created a community feel to the games.

Teams paid $40 to enter a volleyball tournament. Each grade competed in a different double elimination tournament after school during the week. The top two teams of each grade played at the event that night.

The PTA received $400 dollars from the entries alone. They had concessions and ticket prices to help make increase the revenue. They also sold Popsockets, a device to hold phones.

All proceeds from the event went toward the school PTA, which will use the proceeds to fund the school’s career day, school dances, student programs, school club and teacher requests.

Every player on the team had to be in the same grade. The teams all had four boys and four girls. Each team could only have a maximum of two volleyball players on their teams.

The first group that played was the seventh-grade students. The teachers and police followed them. The eighth-grade students finished out the night.

Each of the teams made their own names. The seventh-grade match up was “2 Legit 2 Hit” versus “EZ Pass,” and the eighth-grade game saw “Take the L” go up against “Sizzlin’ Spikers.”

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