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Neighbors | Zack Shively.Austintown Elementary School had a Kindergarten Kickoff on March 8 to bring in the families of incoming kindergartners and ease them into learning the building and the members of the school. Pictured, Assistant Principal Tim Kelty and counselor Kelley Mills welcome families in the lunchroom.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The Austintown Elementary's Kindergarten Kickoff gave parents an oppotunity to meet with the teachers that will instruct their children in the future. It also gave the teachers a chance to meet the families and introduce themselves to the students.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Instructional teachers Stephanie Cuddy and Patricia Manning gave a presentation to the families at the Kindergarten Kickoff to introduce themselves and give ways to help the children get ready for kindergarten.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.Austintown Elementary's Kindergarten Kickoff got students excited, comfortable and familiar with the AES building. They met teachers, members of the administration and other notable people within the school.


Neighbors | Zack Shively.The Kindergarten Kickoff at Austintown Elementary School allowed families to tour the school. They walked through the lunch line, got on the school buses and walked throughout the school to get both the children and parents familiar and comfortable with the school.


The Austintown Elementary School hosted a “Kindergarten Kickoff“ night on March 8 to help the incoming kindergarten students and families transition to the school.

The night began with a presentation from assistant principal Tim Kelty and the schools’ instructional coaches. After the presentation, the families toured the schools and met with school members.

“I want the kids to get comfortable with their building,“ said Kelty, “I think of it as a pep rally.“ He noted that some of the students may have not gone to preschool, so this is their first introduction to a school. They wanted to get the students and parents excited for the transition, while maintaining comfort and trust.

Kelty introduced the families to the school in the lunchroom. He noted the different school members and groups throughout the room, including the PTA, Wee Care Day Care and the patrol officer for Austintown. He also provided parents with a sheet detailing 10 ways to help the children transition into kindergarten.

Stephanie Cuddy, the literacy instructional coach, spoke after Kelty. She went over the different expectations of the incoming students and the instruction they use at the school. Patricia Manning, the math instructional coach, briefly explained the schools’ Bridges math program and some of the instruction. Both gave parents ways to boost their children’s literacy and math skills.

After the presentation, the parents freely toured the school. The cafeteria workers had a number of snacks ready for the families. The students and parents walked through the lunch line and met the workers. Outside, the students walked to the school buses and met the drivers and felt what it was like to sit on the bus.

The families got a chance to meet and speak with the students’ future teachers. Along with their kindergarten teacher, they met with the art and music teachers. The families toured the rooms as well as talked to the teachers.

Kelty wanted to bring everyone that the families would want to meet to the school. If the parents had any questions about lunch or breakfast, he had the lunch supervisor on hand. Any parents with questions about safety could talk to the school’s officers. Principal Tom Lenton, Assistant Principal Melissa Malone, Superintendent Vincent Colaluca and Assistant Superintendent Jeremy Batchelor also attended the event.

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