Trumbull prosecutor opposes parole for murderer of girlfriend in 1995

Staff report


The Trumbull County prosecutor is opposing parole for Felix Brown, 59, who killed his girlfriend in his Niles apartment in 1995 and has served 23 years of his sentence of 18 years to life.

Brown “suffers from a condition known as ‘Revolving Door Syndrome,’ Prosecutor Dennis Watkins said of the four times Brown has been sent to prison, the last being for the murder.

Brown comes up for a parole hearing later this month.

Brown was convicted at trial of killing Monica Brandon Feb. 24, 1995, by shooting her in the forehead with a gun he kept near in the headboard of the bed, according to Vindicator files. He said the shot was fired during an argument and was an accident.

Brandon was 25 and living on Northwest Boulevard in Warren at the time she was killed. Brown lived in the Cedars of Eastwood apartments on North Road in Niles.

Watkins said Brown went to prison in 1981 for breaking and entering, went back to prison in 1983 for receiving stolen property and forgery, and again in 1994 for drug possession and drug trafficking.

“Felix Brown had been released some four times and yet went back again and again after committing more crimes,” Watkins said in a letter to the parole board.

“This man at age 59 would surely be a danger to the community. And at the same time, we know he doesn’t mind going back to prison, which only increases the risk.”

Prosecutors said Brown shot her deliberately because he was angry she was dating other men, according to Vindicator files.

Brown admitted during the trial that he lied when telling a 911 operator that robbers had killed her.

“I don’t know why I said someone broke in,” Brown said. “I just couldn’t accept my baby being shot.”

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